Comparison pics show slight changes in alleged ‘iPhone 5S’ front panel

“A new side-by-side comparison of iPhone 5 parts with components allegedly built for Apple’s next-generation ‘iPhone 5S’ show minor internal changes, the most significant of which is a longer ribbon cable attached to the front display,” AppleInsider reports.

“The direct comparison of front panels was published on Tuesday by Letem Svetem Applem, once again suggesting that Apple’s unannounced next-generation iPhone will sport largely the same look as the iPhone 5,” AppleInsider reports. “That’s why the rumored device has been dubbed an ‘iPhone 5S’ by media and fans, who expect the handset will sport an essentially identical design to Apple’s current flagship smartphone.”

AppleInsider reports, “Screw placement around the ‘iPhone 5S’ home button is also essentially unchanged. Rumors have repeatedly suggested that Apple plans to embed a fingerprint scanner inside the home button of its next iPhone, but so far none of the leaked parts have offered any evidence of significant hardware changes.”

More info and the photos are in the full article here.


  1. Apple isn’t really even trying any more to delight its fanboys. The same old boring design year after year, no changes for two years on a trot – why bother even employing Jonny Ive. Might as well get a donkey on a stick – at least you can beat the donkey with the stick and get some mileage out of it.

    1. You surely make waves around here sometimes 🙂
      …and Chrismas always on the same dates, year after year. What a bore?
      Hey, I just upgraded my Mercedes to S model and what a difference it makes, you should love it, sure! 😉

    2. Wow, BLN, your perspicacity, and hawk-like ability to see things so clearly astounds me! I mean, it’s only taken you, what, five, six years for it to belatedly dawn on you that Apple only does an incremental upgrade for the next iteration of a device model? You honestly didn’t notice when Apple went from 3G to 3Gs, 4 to 4S, 5 to (almost certainly) 5S?
      It seems that it’s only you gets a bug up his ass about this; everyone else is perfectly happy about it, especially third-party suppliers, as they get at least two years life, probably closer to four, even five, from cases, or other accessories, before having to redesign and retool, because each older version continues to have a life after the new model is introduced, unlike most other manufacturers, who ditch the older model, leaving accessory suppliers twisting in the wind.
      Which explains why it’s difficult to find accessories for most competitors devices, nobody wants to be left with redundant stock every year.
      They can trust Apple to give their products a long shelf-life, and good profits.

    3. Let’s look at Apple’s history to see if we might find a pattern. the iPhone 3GS looked exactly like the iPhone 3G, but had more advanced electronics inside. And the iPhone 4S looked exactly like the iPhone 4 but had more advanced electronics inside. Golly gee wilikers, I wonder if the iPhone 5S will look exactly like the iPhone 5 but with more advanced electronics inside…

  2. If Jonny Ive is a great designer, he should and does create classic designs for all times. Who would not like a classic Eames chair or a FL Wright house? The coke bottle is still a classic to this day. All great design should be great a year or two or 100 after it was created. If it isn’t, maybe it’s not so great.

  3. If this phone has minor changes I certainly will not be upgrading.

    Tim Cook is a joke!

    That’s why I passed on the iPad 4. What did it have that my iPad 3 didn’t?

    It had an unnoticibly faster processor and a new port that guranteed your periperals would be discarded or you would have to use an expensive and unnecessary adapter.

    Apple fans should stop upgrading period… move along, nothing to see here!

    1. Dude, do you really think we belive you own any apple products?
      You should just be honest, the stealth “Im really an apple users but I hate apple now” shtick is both transparent and been done to death.
      Also you might want to consider attending a local AHA (apple haters anonymous) group. I hear they have a seven step plan that will help you stop posting on news sites of products you hate and actually get on with your life. 😉

    2. If Tim Cook is a joke, then you’re an a–hole. I would bet my entire worth that if Tim were replaced by you, you would not last as long as Browett. I’d give you 5 days, then out the door. Of course, so would Apple’s BOD for letting you in.

  4. As usual, Left Nut, your comments are as inane as are you are insignificant. Why does an iPhone’s outward appearance have to look different each year? If the iPhone is still the most reliable and best made and designed in the world, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. When apple has changed the look of the iPhone since 2007, albeit subtle, is not that important. What it does operationally is. Changes to the face of an Android-based phone, for example, the Samsung GS4, does not a phone make. And adding ridiculous internal additions such as Smart Scroll, NFC (for now since it’s totally useless, Air View and Air Gesture, may advertise well, but does nothing to better the QUALITY of the phone.

    I know. For the first time since the first iPhone was introduced, I have owned every iPhone. Each one has had great surprises, some predicted, some not. With an agreement with AT&T, I sold my iPhone 5 for a a Galaxy S4. In nearly 3 months, I am now on my 6th phone due to crappy internals. When the 5S is released, I am going back to the iPhone on day one with either the full discount, thanks, again to AT&T, or via Next.

    So, if you can do a better job than Sir Jony, then prove it–or better yet, just shut the f— up.

    1. I’m sorry that you had to learn about the GS4 the hard way. But life sometimes requires a little practical experience, such as burning yourself on a stove. Hopefully, your story will educate others and help them to avoid the same mistake.

      Incidentally, your story may help to explain the larger numbers of Samsung Android phones shipped in the most recent quarter – for each one purchased, five replacements are required over the next few months. That’s one way to get rid of excess inventory…

  5. Upgrades come often – they call them 6.0 – 6.1 etc and a new upgrade for old phone will be named 7.0 ….

    As for the hardware end there again will be upgrades in specs etc …. As for a new form factor Apple has it nailed pretty good but time will tell ….

    Personally I would be in favor of a slightly thicker phone with a two day battery life option myself …. But just a thought ….. Like two models – one for casual use and one for heavy biz use where you need the battery life ……

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