Recent Apple TV discounts may point to Apple television set

“The Apple TV is a very interesting device because it allows users to mirror their devices, play games, and even stream music to their existing television sets,” Kaled Ali writes for AppleTell.

“Over the past several weeks, the Apple TV has seen plenty of discounts from retailers, including a $75 offer from Apple for a refurbished unit,” Ali writes. “Most recently, Best Buy began offering a free Apple TV unit with the purchase of a 15″ Retina Macbook Pro, which means Apple may either be looking to refresh the device very soon or may be introducing the rumored television set.”

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    1. Looking at the range of possibilities for a vastly improved product has to lead any rational person to see that TV as it exists now in the home market is 30 years behind the tech curve.

      The question is not “IF” but “When a company will offer a tech leap for the ubiquitous TV.” Considering the number of TVs, which outnumber computers, it is easy to see that a mind boggling opportunity.

      Who other than Apple is capable in $s, programming, hardware & network design to tackle this challenge?

      I would not bet against Apple if I were you, BLN.

  1. IF Apple launched a TV (which I am exceedingly dubious about), I doubt they would discontinue the standalone box. I have 3 Apple TV’s in the house and whilst all the screens are a few years old they not remotely at the point I would be thinking of upgrading with them. Perhaps if the offering was massively compelling I would do one, but it’s very unlikely. I just don’t see Apple getting content that would mean I could do without other services (SKY).

    1. Apple doesn’t literally have to offer TVs in sizes from 12″ to 72″ to tap into the market from Kitchen to media room.

      Apple has merely to be able to connect them all together and allow easy seamless integration of functions wherever people are in their house.

      My guess is Apple will have a “Flagship” TV/Monitor, but that is for the sake of promotion and “flash” in their stores and advertising.

  2. Let’s see: selling refurbished products at a discount means a new product is coming to replace it? Or, just maybe, it means that Apple feels it’s not morally right to sell a refurbished product at full price. Duh! This guy’s idea is idiotic. There simply is no connection whatsoever. He’s lucky I’m not his boss or I wouldn’t be any more (that is, he would no longer be working for me).

    1. I agree – I would lean more toward the “product refresh” including a new 802.11ac radio to work with those new Airport products.

      The more I think about that recent article that said “iTV” was an APP not a TV set, much like iRadio is an APP and not a Radio, I think that’s probably where we’re headed. If true, I would hope that the “iTV” APP would be integrated into the AppleTV devices.

    2. Unless there is something totally un-envisaged (and no one has suggested anything close so far) I agree that there is nothing to be gained as things stand with producing a TV set. If Samsung can hit Apple in phones and tablets I dread to think what it could do in TVs. I see TVs becoming relatively dumb in their own right with increasingly sophisticated add on boxes doing all the work. Its the way I use mine already, its just the limitations of the box and the way content is supplied thats the problem. Taking away sophistication from the TV itself would hit the likes of Samsung who cannot compete with the Apple’s box and its potential.

  3. Apple is dumping AppleTV maybe because everyone is deciding to buy that extremely capable $35 Chromecast device which the tech–pundits are claiming is to be replacing all AppleTVs. I mean, how can Apple possibly go up against a $35 USB dongle from Google. $35 means instant major market share for the Chromecast device.

    1. Hey, the Chromecast is $35. Cheap… Cheap…..Cheap. And it does very little except to connect your tv to the internet,,,,, sort of.

      A lady bought two cheap Apples for 1300$. When she got them, inside were regular apples. 2 of them. Cheap is as cheap gets.

      PS. “extremely capable”??? Would that make an AppleTV stupendously capable, or galacticly capable??? Seriously… extremely???? Read DED’s piece on the device.

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