Next-gen iPad rear casing revealed in leaked photos

“Apple’s fifth-generation iPad is coming this fall and that means we’re starting to get a steady supply of leaked pictures of the new device.,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“FanaticFone has just published fresh pictures of the next iPad’s rear shell and has found that its frame measures in at 24 centimeters by 16.8 centimeters,” Reed reports, “which is slightly smaller than the current-generation iPad that measures in at 24 centimeters by 18.6 centimeters.”

Reed reports, “FanaticFone also notices that “the distance between the border and screen of the iPad 5 is much shorter than the former iPads’” and now measures at 3 millimeters.”

iPad (5th gen.) 2013 rear casing photo

Many more photos in the full article here.


  1. My fall shopping list now stands at new 128 GB, LTE iPad 9.7 inch, new 64 GB, LTE iPad mini (retina), new 64 GB (at least) iPhone 5S. Would also buy an iWatch and iTV, but doubt they will be available in the fall.

    I think we may see two mini’s introduced to match the 5C & 5S iPhone. One with and one without retina display. The one without retina may be plastic, in colors, and perhaps no rear camera. It would be priced at $249.

      1. MacPro seems a waste as a server. That machine is built from the ground up as a creative workstation. Sitting in a corner serving files, you won’t notice much difference in it and a MacMini. MacMini running OS X Server is a fantastic and economical SOHO / Workgroup server. I have them handling up to 40 people no sweat.

        I also use the MacMini as a home entertainment server.

        Keep that MacProf for your personal workstation!

  2. My trusty first gen iPad is still my daily driver, but it just may finally be time to stop waiting for a 16:9 model and upgrade. Since there really isn’t any trade in value on my first gen, it would still get used around the house.

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