Aaron Sorkin and the ghost of Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin’s “take on Facebook with The Social Network has made plenty of folks unhappy,” Steve Rosenbaum writes for The Huffington Post. “It isn’t a documentary, for sure, and there are plenty of things that aren’t true. But the overriding story of the emergence of social media, the power of Facebook, and the human nature of the people behind the emergence of the web certainly rang true.”

The Social Network was both inspirational and cautionary. Sorkin’s voice rang true,” Rosenbaum writes. “Moneyball was another crisp, taught, smart film from Sorkin. Peeling the cover off the new game of baseball and data. A gripping script for sports fans and geeks alike… There are some other Sorkin projects in the works that align with my life. There’s a rumored musical based on the life of Harry Houdini with music by Danny Elfman. My fingers are crossed for that — though he currently says he’s out of that project.”

“But the surprise in all this — and the one that has me on the edge of my seat — is the upcoming film Jobs [sic] based on the biography by Walter Isaacson,” Rosenbaum writes. “With Steve Jobs now gone, and his once fledgling company now a powerful and important world force — in some strange way I’m hoping that Sorkin’s take on Jobs will clarify his complexity, replace a golden halo and cult personality with a more nuanced and complex telling of just what he envisioned and what he build. Sorkin knows it’s no easy task. ”

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  1. I know one thing, if they can’t get Christian Bale to play Steve then don’t even bother to make the movie. Just scrap the whole damn project. He’s the ONLY man who can do it.

    1. Only if you are inferring that Jobs was a ill-tempered, hot-headed, foul mouth, then yeah Bales IS the only one to play Steve!

      Also, I wouldn’t admit to knowing just one thing! Should of played it smart and said, in honor of Jobs, ‘I know one “more” thing…’

      1. What a ridiculous assumption. Only someone who hasn’t fully absorbed the breadth of Bale’s brilliant career would attempt to pigeonhole his acting ability in such a fashion. From American Psycho to The Machinist to The Dark Knight trilogy, he has demonstrated a range that very few actors walking this earth can match. How dare you imply that I wish to see some arrogant, cartoonish version of Steve on the big screen. On the contrary, I chose Bale because I know he’d die before giving us a one dimensional caricature of the man. You cannot name me one actor who’d put more into the role than him.

  2. I wish they would make Pirates of Silicon Valley 2. Get into all that crazy Microsoft anti-trust, the rise of and fall-out with Google. Lot’s of good nerd-opera stuff there since the first movie stopped at 1997.

    1. Excellent idea, bring the original actors back and crank up that Hollywood sequel machine! The sequel machine needs to produce something other than the next “Die Harder, Hardest, Ultimate Hard, Mega Hard, ” …etc. etc.

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