Google’s updated Nexus 7 fails to attract iPad owners

“The new Google Nexus 7 is a big improvement over the original,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch. “And that’s driving a lot of first generation device owners to trade in their old Nexus 7, according to gadget buy-back site Gazelle. There was a 333 percent spike in the number of Nexus 7 tablets traded in compared to the same day last week, for example.”

Etherington reports, “The Nexus 7 trade-in activity spiked so high that it made up nearly a quarter of all trade-ins for non-iPad tablets since the site began accepting them earlier this year.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, a whole quarter of 1%.

Etherington reports, “Wednesday, the day Google made its announcement, was also the biggest Nexus 7 trade-in day at Gazelle to date, beating the next biggest day by 380 percent. The news means that Google Nexus 7 owners are probably happy with their devices and eager to grab new ones, by trading in their last-gen devices to fund their purchases, but there’s another stat that tells another side of the story: Gazelle saw no appreciable increase in iPad trade-ins on the new Nexus 7 launch day. That means Google probably isn’t luring iPad owners away from the iOS fold.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why settle for one of the rest when you already have the very best?

[Attribution: Mac Rumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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      1. You probably didn’t understand.

        Trade-in numbers would spike (upwards) if people who currently own Nexus 7 tried all to trade in their Nexus 7 devices (presumably, in order to buy the newly released iPads).

        The spike downwards would be rather strange; on the day of the release of new iPad, fewer people than usual would want to trade in their Nexus device (presumably meaning that they are suddenly happy with their Android tablet).

    1. Let’s say you’ve been dining on sirloin steak every day for the past 3 years served with the finest sauce and cream and you’re suddenly offered cheap McDonald’s hamburger made of synthetic beef that spies on you, would you willingly switch?

  1. I’m buying the new Nexus 7 if the next iPad mini doesn’t have a retina screen. Screw Apple. I’m sick of them taking forever to release a new product.

    1. If numbers don’t tell, why do the math? If you have absolutely no idea WTF you’re talking, reading, or writing about- once again, “why do the math?”

    2. SOOOOOOO tired of this market share bullshit..

      if apple wanted to sell stuff with no profit share or give them away for free in BOGO deals it will gain market

      like a hot dog stand guys saying he’s gaining market share because he’s selling hotdogs for 5 cents.


      Is Amazon selling millions of Kindles winning when it just LOST 7 million in the quarter while Apple made 9600 million?

      If apple was to GIVE OSX and iOS out tomorrow for free it will dominate market share in a short time. But why do it?

      apple’s system is that it makes reasonable money to innovate and it’s developers can make money so they develop for Apple first and give it the best quality apps.

      It’s easily seen that apple is winning and that it has the best formula because the OTHER BIG PLAYERS ARE COPYING IT, all of them want to be apple and control hardware , software and the eco system: google is making hardware and not just giving out Android for free to OEMS, Samsung is trying to make it’s own OS Tizen, Msft is selling hardware in surface etc. If Apple is failing why are they copying it’s system?

      1. and also the lower iPad numbers in the last quarter was due to the previous year quarter the launch of a new iPad plus tightening of the supply chain this year (probably due to the imminent launch of the new iPad). Take it into account and the drop was only 3%

        you can read it all in the transcript of the Conference call.:

        “iPad, we sold 14.6 million iPads during the quarter compared to 17 million in the year-ago quarter. The tough year-over-year comparison was driven by both the significant channel inventory increase and the first full quarter of the availability of the 3rd generation iPad in the year-ago. We built 1.2 million units of iPad channel inventory in the June quarter last year, whereas we reduced channel inventory by 700,000 units in the June quarter this year.

        Factoring in this 1.9 million unit channel inventory swing, iPad unit sell through was down 3% year-over-year.”

    3. I didnt upgrade to new iPad from iPad 2 coz its still functioning very well… maybe to compare to your Android tablet that need to be replaced after six months coz its terrible to use. Nexus 7 *Cough*

  2. Well duh. Who would want something that sounds like something Captain Benjamin Sisco should have space station Deep Space 9 docked at. It’s not a wormhole but it’s definitely full of worms

  3. The objectives of this 2 products cannot be any more different. Apple wants to make as much profit from the ipad-mini as they can whereas Google wants to get the nexus 7 on as many hands as they can. The 1st nexus 7 was a success and this new one will be even more so, those specs Android 4.3 Price-tag will ensure it.

    1. The objectives of this [sic} 2 products cannot be any more different. Apple wants to make the best device it can, with acceptable profit, but still at a low price whereas Google wants to trap you through its loss-leader pricing so it can steal as much data about you as it possibly can to sell to the NSA. The first nexus 7 was a joke and this new one will be even more so, with Android 4.3 Price-tag [sic] being zero, which is a lot more than it’s worth.

      (Glad to help out. You obviously have problems with English.)

  4. I love my hand-me-down iPad 1 (64GB, WiFi) . It does everything I want, and it just works. I wouldn’t swap for anything else . . . unless someone bought me a newer model, of course! Leaving aside build quality, Android is just a Tower of Babel joke, and the idea that Microsoft might at last have produced a worthwhile version of Windoze after 20-some years of incessant garbage. . .that ‘gives me to laugh!’ as they say in French.

  5. What’s great about all this commentary is that 99% of you have probably never used a flagship android device made this year. They work well and have really stepped its game up. It is now Apples move and they need to do more than just paint everything with a new coat of white paint and call it iOS 7. I’m sitting here holding their “most advanced smart phone in the world” (their words not mind) and I still can’t save a single file or email attachment to my phone. I still can’t set a default browser, mail app, picture viewer, or anything else on my phone. I still can’t clear individual notifications from the notification center tray. I still can’t do a quick reply to any message that I receive no matter what app I’m in without leaving that app. I have to tap the home button, find and open the corresponding app, then composing/send a message and then finally double tap home again and going back to the app I was using. Android does all of this quite seamlessly and more. I’m a developer so I have devices laying around from every platform almost and I have to stay truly objective to do my job well and I’ve had an iPhone as my main driver since the original. I was one of the blokes who bought one at $600 during the initial launch. When android first came out, sure they were just copycat me too phones that really just performed like bollucks. For years that remained the same. Recently though, they aren’t just copying anymore they’ve actually reinvented paradigms and rethought how to increase productivity which is the very thing Apple *was* known for, for many years. Apple needs to grow up a bit, open up a bit, and put its money and development power where it’s mouth is or they are going to continue to lose ‘market share’ but more importantly lose the customers that the market share represents. This year I’ve seen more friends switch to android because they were tired of waiting each year only to be dissatisfied that they ‘still can’t do stuff’ on their device that other devices can which will help them in their daily workflow. See these aren’t guys that hang around message boards or tech sites and they aren’t a loyalist fane to anything so it allows them to think logically and analytically. They attempt to use their very expensive device to do their job and that device just simply is not up to the task. That cut and dry. Fact is however much I try to be device agnostic I still have a soft spot for Apple as I’ve loved their products for years and recently it just pains me that they not listened to customers and chose to smear paint on their OS to give the appearance they are. It’s not like they don’t add truly useful features because they can’t or because of the lack of technical know how. I’m sure they can add the features I’ve listed above and implement them even better than android has, but they don’t. Unfortunately I can no longer be loyal to a platform based soley on its potential, I have to consider what it actually does for me right now and in the battle Apple is now losing. And unfortunately they are losing it in customers like me who have their home littered with Apple products (2 Mac mini’s, a Mac Pro, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 4, 4s, and iPhone 5, and an iPad mini).

    1. I have Nexus 7 and its terrible now. Actually, I’m very happy to have it… quad core small tablet.. its very fast.. but months by months its getting slower, it lags, apps crashing. Had to reboot it daily.

      About new Nexus trade in. Nah!!!

    2. Very thoughtful commentary. As a developer, have you had direct discussion with Apple on these issues? If so, what does Apple have to say? Also, why do you think they have not provided some of these functions?

      1. BTW, I don’t think that they are losing that many people over what you think is missing. I assume Apple understands consumer behavior in their target markets well enough to make these decisions. I really do not think it is a large % that has any desire to change mail apps, browsers, picture viewers, etc. If the default program works, that is probably all that 80-90% of the market cares about. If you work as a developer and base your opinions your own behavior/needs and those similar people, you have a rather biased sample in this regard. I do understand that this is a longer term problem for Apple if it sways developer opinion between platforms.

        I am a very early adopter and tech savvy, but because I have a lot of other stuff to do (my own “workflow”, that is non-tech related), I can not be bothered at this point to look for alternatives myself.

        I will grant you that notifications still need work and I have not taken a close look at a recent Android phone to compare.

    3. Any Pro-Android statement here is taken with hostility. Readers in this website fail to realize praising each and every step that Apple takes helps Apple the very least. If they really want to help Apple they should be criticizing them and pressuring them to be better. iOS rode the wave of being the 1st decent smartphones o.s for far too long forgetting how dynamic the world of technology is. Forgive me for not buying a 329$ device when there is a 229$ that has better specs and more functionality. From a developer’s point of view Android has grown in leaps and bounds. I second the motion that iOS should open up a bit, at least to the developers, so that they can gain more access to a device’s capabilities and make much better apps.

    4. I was at WWDC this year. iOS 7 is not a fresh coat of white paint. You have no idea how truly advanced iOS is: from little things like font support to accessibility to SDK to profiler to SpriteKit to location to UI dynamics to Core animation to GameCenter APIs to StoreKit and I can go on and on.

      Google has been the one that is copying iOS for years now. Everytime I see a new API or feature come out on iOS, I can guarantee that Android will have those in 6 months to 3 years time depending on how difficult it is to implement.

      Look at Now after Siri.
      Game Services after GameCenter.
      Location based Reminders after iOS.
      Low powered GPS APIs after iOS.
      Google TV, Nexus Q and now Chromecast after Apple TV.
      IAP after iOS
      Newsstand like subscription.
      Third party cloud integration after iCloud.
      Now textbooks after iOS
      Hangouts with promise of SMS after iMessage

      This year we’ve had UI Dynamics, SpriteKit, iOS in the Car, iBeacons, standardized Controller APIs, AirDrop and on and on. They’ve released 1500 new APIs. I can bet that Google will slowly copy all these features over the next few years.

      Just like you can’t imagine living with a phone that doesn’t always show you 20 email apps to choose from before sending an email, iOS users are spoiled by all these features that Android is just getting and a lot that they won’t be getting for years.

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