QuarkXPress 10 to gain Xenon graphics engine, Retina display support, revised user interface

“Quark has formally unveiled QuarkXPress 10, the next edition of its design and layout software. The release incorporates a number of major improvements, such as a long-awaited switch to a Cocoa code base,” MacNN reports. “The change should help boost performance, and make it easier for Quark to support future versions of OS X.”

“Paired with the architecture overhaul is a new graphics engine, dubbed Xenon,” MacNN reports. “The technology is said to improve rendering of pixel- and vector-based images as well as PDFs, and increase speed through features like support for multiple cores and processors, SSE3, and advanced vector extensions.”

MacNN reports, “The user interface has been revised as well. It now supports Retina displays for instance, and can operate as a fullscreen app.”

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  1. Uh no, Quark is a design and layout application for desktop publishing, like indesign. At one point quark was the market leader in the field, but to be honest I didn’t know it was still being made nor do I know anyone who still uses it.

  2. Although most shops have switched to Adobe InDesign, there are still QuarkXPress users out there and people are still learning it. I just taught a Quark class in Washington last month.

  3. Seriously, how is this supremely mismanaged company still alive??? They’ve been screwing the pooch (and their users) since v3. Just roll over and die already.

  4. I am a graphic designer and use Quark XPress for a long time since 1987. I still use it everyday and consider it the same as InDesign. Steep learning curve, but once you get used to it, it can be a lot faster than InDesign. I personally don’t like the new subscription model of Adobe. Hope people will give Quark another chance and take a look at the new software. They tried hard to win back customers the last few years!

  5. Adobe should die a slow death. Quark is the only serious competitor to InDesign. Switching to Quark — they learned their lesson not to F*CK with Apple. Adobe has not learned that lesson, and is intent on one thing – separating the consumer from their hard earned ca$h.

  6. I used XPress for over a decade before switching to InDesign ten years ago. Clearly XPress has lost against InDesign, no chance for a comeback.

    Who does not like CC and the new subscription model easily can stick with CS6 for a decade, since it has so much more features than XPress including version 10.

    I can only see two advantages from XPress 10 over InDesign CS6 and CC: full screen mode and reflow view for ePub production. But on the other hand InDesign has hundreds of advantages over XPress. So I will stick with CS6.

    Desktop publishing war is over, and has a clear winner. So sad that Adobe is resting on its laurels, but no way back to Quark.

  7. I have no idea how Quark has survived this long (remember when they spent $1 million to have someone redesign their company logo a few years ago?)

    Now that Adobe is doing their best to shoot themselves in the foot, Quark may actually have a chance.

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