Why Apple is a dead company walking or something

“I have to report that a new form of analysis reveals that the best brand in the world is lost, cannibalizing its luster without anyone apparently creating more of the Apple magic,” Dave Logan writes for CBS News. “Or, if anyone is, it’s not CEO Tim Cook.”

“This analysis is based on a technique called ‘word mapping,’ in which a leader’s words, in connection to other words, reveal their worldview and their bias for action,” Logan writes. “An analysis of Cook’s word map reveals the mirror opposite of Jobs… His word map reveals a relationship to innovation that should deeply trouble Apple employees, investors and fans.”

Logan writes, “The days when Apple would imagine the unimagined, led by its core values, and bridge the worlds of technology and aesthetics by doing what no one had ever thought of before — that’s the Apple of the past.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Word mapping?

Oh, for fsck’s sake.

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  1. truest sentence in the article: ” innovation is something to be used, like a scare resource”

    absolutely , Apple’s innovation is a ‘scare’ resource, it scares the crap out of the competition….

  2. Why is Dave Logan an IDIOT? Don’t have any important news to write about Dave? Your intelligence is showing on this story watch out. Have you gone into an Apple Store in your life or at least recently Dave? Compare it to the Microsoft Store across the way and then tell us which company is dead Dave.

  3. When Microsoft takes just shy of a billion (yes, with a “B”) dollar write-off for their Surface tablet line and their stock drops 13% in one day…barely a mention by the press.

    Yet Apple the world’s most successful company, is, by all accounts, on the ropes, doomed and no longer relevant. This continual piling on, void of facts speculative/interpretive “reporting” is beyond mind-numbingly stupid bordering on insane.

  4. The Trayvon Martin momentum has fallen off, the royal baby dominating the news will end shortly after he’s taken home and is out of the public eye, BUT Apple is releasing their earnings tonight. Perfect to piggyback complete bullshit on to and pump up the next mainstream news story.

    1. The truly disgusting thing is that this behaviour pattern is rampant, widely acknowledged, and only desultorily concealed, yet precious little is done about it. It’s as if the only important thing in the world is to make money, and reputation no longer gets in the way of that.

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