Is Apple’s dark period finally coming to a close?

“It’s been a rough 10 months for Apple since the stock touched $700 and the iPhone 5 was released last September. Slowing growth, a lack of new products outside of a smaller iPad, and a relentless technology press have more or less created the impression the company is yesterday’s news,” Mark Rogowsky writes for Forbes.

“Microsoft’s disappointing earnings results last week highlighted the software giant’s troubles transitioning to a mobile world, surely Apple will join its old rival in the tech company dead pool when it reports later today,” Rogowsky writes. “Oh, and it’s going to let everyone know next quarter won’t be much better. That’s the conventional wisdom anyway.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s some “wisdom,” alright!

Rogowsky writes, “The source of Apple’s woes, according to the multitude of experts, is some combination of CEO Tim Cook’s failure to effectively replace Steve Jobs, a lost ability to innovate, or something to do with the admittedly poor rollout of Apple’s Maps product with the new iPhone. In the short run, though, the company has faced more tangible execution and product-cycle issues rather than ethereal “innovation” problems. And many of those seem to be clearing.”

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        1. I’m not a Wall Streeter or bankster–just an average investor who is counting on this stock for my future retirement–and it troubles me. I’ve “lost” a lot of value and I’m constantly having to weigh the thought of selling my stock, so it has an impact on more than just those who make a living manipulating the share price.

          1. Sorry to hear about your retirement loss, Steve. In general, how are these two things so intrinsically related? Apple makes great product. We, the Apple product users / community first and foremost care about that. The stock price is for investors. Surely I understand how some of us have stock (I wish I did, I will confess to that) but in general there is no connection. Just because I like my Volkswagen does not mean I buy stock!

            Yes it is important how the stock is doing, but not all that important. You see, Apple has money, so it does not have to change stock for money in order to develop new stuff.

            I believe that the majority of the visitors / regulars here are Apple users first and foremost. Perhaps stockowners BECAUSE the love Apple, but not investors / WS bobos. So, keep it light, forget about the stock price and spread the word of the product, not its stock!

            1. Maybe i’m wrong but i think the majority of commenters here follow the stock. Some because they are investors and some who want to see it go down. I’m not here because i can’t wait to buy the next big thing. I’m here because i’ve got a lot riding on the stock.

          2. If you are talking about retirement you should own Apple for the dividend and focus on that. If you really believe in the company, selling should not be on your mind. I think Apple will continue to increase its dividend over the coming years.

  1. A collection hedge fund shills and short seller propaganda artists walk around virtually blindfolded regarding Apple, and we are supposed to pretend its a “dark time”? These idiots probably think people disappear when they close their eyes as well.

  2. I work for a Wall Street firm and I must say that my peers have little to no sense on how the tech industry really operates. It’s irrational for WS to assume that Apple must continue to innovate constantly with a brand new surprise every year. That’s impossible for any company. Apple’s innovation is really evolving its ecosystem to greater refinements and new paths that our technology can take us. And Apple has been doing that all along.

    1. Not just the tech industry but Apple in particular it seems. Is there any reason for the apparent valuation bias with Apple compared to other tech companies? What makes Microsoft’s earnings and dividends worth so much more than Apple’s?

  3. When Apple had its Second Coming of Steve, it was a bright enough light that it got people used to wearing sunglasses when they talked about Apple.

    When the company had to regroup to move forward after Steve’s death (let’s face it, Steve is a hard act to replace), those who aren’t smart enough to take off the sunglasses for a few minutes aren’t seeing the stars.

    But keep ’em handy, guys. Here comes the sun.

  4. Hedge fund managers are the blight on every company.
    They talk the price of shares up and up and if they don’t go up they have lost their gamble…..hedge funds are for gamblers….so if a hedge fund loses YOU MONEY realise you gambled and lost.
    Some fund managers where still telling people Apple shares where still a good bet even at their highest…..shares are like house prices they cannot keep going up forever , and these fund managers don’t seem to know what Apple are about , it’s not an new product every six months ….no Tech company do that , it’s the long term PLAN.

  5. I read this earlier today. It covers all the same highlights as the rest of the talking head lemmings. Never talked about the crop of server farms that Apple is building. (I know about 5 farms at this point.) The Mac Pro was blocked by the European EPA and the new one will not be. Nothing about the AppleTV 3rd party apps or the NEW Mac Pro being able to stream the up to 3 of the new 4KHDTV sets. 4KHDTV media is streamed to your home server to stream to the new 4KHDTV systems. That new media doesn’t fit on Blu-Ray.

    “Think Different”. I believe that Apple still can!

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