Apple reportedly drops AU Optronics for next-gen iPad mini display, may look to Samsung

“Longtime Apple supplier AU Optronics will not be providing low-power LCD screens for the company’s second-generation iPad mini due to production issues, according to a new report,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“AUO’s apparent inability to make the cut has industry insiders wondering whether Apple will turn to rival Samsung to meet the lost production, according to ETNews,” Hughes reports. “Apple is already said to have struck a deal with LG for displays for its next-generation iPad mini.”

Hughes reports, “LCDs for the current iPad mini have been supplied by AUO, LG Display and Sharp. Tuesday’s report suggested that Sharp is also likely to remain a supplier for the next iPad mini, because it is the only supplier that can provide low-power oxide semiconductor LCD panels.”

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  1. ETNews, the source from which AppleInsider copied its report, appears to be a Korean outfit. AUO is in Taiwan. There is no indication of an attempt to allow AUO to comment on the accuracy of the ET information, attributed solely to “a person from the LCD industry.” Or maybe it is a guy who operates a dog meat lunch cart outside a fence at a Samsung plant.

      1. This ‘journalist’ as in this paid for Samsung plant in Korea, also known as a journalist since integrity, facts, and honesty mean nothing anymore..

        1. @twilightmoon

          Punctuation can often aid meaning. Sometimes it is critical. E.g.

          Woman without her man is nothing.
          Woman: without her, man is nothing.

          I’m sorry you can’t come with us.
          I’m sorry. You can’t come with us.

          This book is dedicated to my roommates, Oprah Winfrey, and God.
          This book is dedicated to my roommates, Oprah Winfrey and God.

          A clever dog knows its master.
          A clever dog knows it’s master.

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