Did we all just witness Windows start to die?

“The idea of ‘the death of the PC’ is just that — it’s an idea,” Matt Baxter-Reynolds writes for ZDNet. “It’s a hook that, if you believe in it (and I do), it can be quite informative about what seems to be happening to the PC industry, and the wider computer industry in which it sits.”

“I don’t think the PC is dying in a literal sense. The PC is stonkingly good at the things that it does well. But I’m a technologist — I’ve been using PCs since I was twelve years old and I like the power and flexibility,” Baxter-Reynolds writes. “But most people do not like the complexity that comes with power and flexibility. Some people just want to give their parents a box that lets them have a video call with the grandkids from time-to-time, and don’t want to have to futz around configuring anti-virus software.”

Baxter-Reynolds writes, “Microsoft needs to abandon Windows on Consumerland tablets and get Nokia to build a 8″ Windows Phone based tablet running on Windows Phone 8. This lines up with how Apple and Google build their post-PC operating systems. It would also technically be ridiculously easy to do. Good prototypes of such things I am willing to guarantee exist in a lab somewhere. But for Microsoft to make this happen, they’ll have to admit one thing. Namely that Windows as a post-PC operating system is dead.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows started to die the day Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone out of his pocket.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Windows dead? No.

    It’s going to be as Steve jobs said. Cars and trucks

    Windows will dominate the enterprise and gaming world. You need trucks for that.

    While apple will dominate everything else

        1. Apple doesn’t do high-end professional gaming. I’m sure a case could be made that iOS is the #1 gaming platform in the world. (And who knows, maybe Apple will release a TV with iOS apps!)

          1. iOS games are casual games with poor graphics and no physical controller.

            Time wasters.

            If you want to really game, you need a windows PC, High DVD Mac , or a console

            1. I too personally have no use for games. I’m a musician- very time- consuming. Even my wife is jealous. GarageBand, Logic, or just my ears and guitar.. Who needs games?

            2. If you aren’t playing life as a game, then you aren’t having any fun. Who wants to have a life where there’s no fun and no play? Every society plays games, every single human society. Most do not confine all their games to children.

            3. @Silverhawk1 et al.

              Spoken as a non-gamer. It may surprise you to know that the video game industry exceeds the Hollywood industry in entertainment dollars, is maturing as a story-telling medium, and is poised to vault out of the perceived cultural niche it had been forced to inhabit by non-participants; even film critic Roger Ebert was forced to reconsider his flip dismissal of gaming by the flood of reasoned, articulate responses to his blog.

              Over a third of gamers are over 36, and games themselves are diverse, with some of the most profound experiences found in so-called casual games.

              Games have established a place along simulations in the arsenal of training methods in flight school and military academies. Universities have developed critical theory curricula for games, their evolution, and their place in the panoply of human values.

              Games are known to possess therapeutic value, and playing them can stimulate neural regeneration as well as increase positive affect in the elderly.

              This represents an area of computing that promises to change society for the better, once its principles are understood by more people that don’t play games and who can learn not to believe the shallow stereotypes finger-painted by the mainstream media.

            4. Eating Cheetos and fiddling with your thumbs whole sitting your plump ass on a divan is much different from playing basketball or football.

            5. what a dumb you are. don’t tell us what game is bad. it’s only your case. game actually helps to improve my brain activity, and more. only what you misunderstand is that people play it exceedly too much. anything if you do too much, it is bad no matter what it is. game industry is huge. you have no idea.

            6. Hannah
              That 2/3’s under 36 are a generation growing older in a basement. I’m not a video gamer and never will be. I’d rather curl up on the deck with Mrs silverhawk1 or red a book if I want to be alone.

            7. I’m not trying to turn you into a video gamer, I’m trying to get you to refrain from disparaging those who do. It’s one thing to extol the virtues of a single companion, a cosy fire and a good book; and another to stereotype an entire online community of people as largely adolescent basement dwellers.

            8. BS and plain dead wrong. Games are no more a waste of time than reading a book or playing a music instrument (I do all three). You may not like playing games but your statement is just obnoxious!

            9. Agree with your post. Sounds like an elitist comment to me. I play an instrument and therefore an artist while looking down his nose on someone playing, I assume, kid games. It’s all good …

            10. Home PC gaming is probably one of the worst things to happen to our society. Bad for intetprdivel communication, bad for behavior, and terrible for health.

              Games are great. Grab a basketball and go to the park or meet up with some friends and play cards or a board game but for god’s sake get off your butts and get rid of your Dell game machines.

            11. You are 100% correct. iOS games are a joke and lame to control. However Apple are allowing gamepads to be developed for iOS, interested to see where that goes.

      1. I have almost every console made, ever.

        Including a PS3 Xbox 360 and Wii

        I have a high end 27 inch iMac and a gaming PC.

        I hope to replace both gaming PC and my iMac with a new Mac Pro when it comes out

        1. Good luck with that. The GPUs we suspect will be in the new Mac Pro are for professional use, and not suited for gaming. If AMD or nVIDIA make gaming GPUs for the new Mac Pro, they’ll be heads and shoulders more expensive than their PC equivalents thanks to them having to do custom design for a niche (expensive Mac Pros) within another niche (Macs, which except for the Pro you can’t buy separate GPU cards for anyway).

      2. If you are talking the Windows platform regarding gaming… you would be correct…
        It’s all about dedicated consoles and tablets… and to some degree phones/phablets…

        MSFT was smart to build a box(Xbox) for games…

        Windows in enterprise will continue to exist… as has forms of UNIX and Linux…

    1. It’s dead in the sense that nobody outside of Microsoft will care about future versions of Windows. I think Windows 7 will be remembered as the last good version. Even if Windows 9 has amazing features, they will be lost in all the attention given to mobile computing. Microsoft will still sell large numbers of Windows licenses due to sales of new PC’s.

        1. I don’t dislike Lion and ML not saying they are bad, but Snow Leopard was the most logical, intuitive, straightforward, productive OS out of Apple, EVER. And I’ve used Macs since 1984.

    2. Me thinks someone needs to look at iOS gaming statistics.

      Windows won’t dominate anything anymore. This is a new world of BYOD and choice. Even in the enterprise, while Apple has no appreciable back room products, Macs slip right in on the desktop, and even that is starting to be increasingly iOS.

      1. Interestingly the sea change seemed to start at the top with certain highly placed executives who arrived in their positions with more tech savvy than their predecessors, and refused to knuckle under to the IT ministry of truth. As a result IT begrudgingly supported Macs in high places, and this heresy slowly spread across the enterprise.

        I believe that the MS hegemony got established only because of time and place. During the dark age when people feared technology, the IT shamans and pundits ruled, and dictated our choices. The USSR fell in 70 years—how many pundits insisted that would never happen in our lifetimes? Tech nerds don’t seem to read, or appreciate, history, except as spurious evidence to support their cause, which is to stay in business even at the expense of everyone else’s welfare.

      1. Yeah… have you ever tried to be productive on an iPad ? Whenever I do I get frustrated and go to my PC to get it done. Safari crashes on several web pages and always when expanding too many disqus threads on every disqus site I read !

  2. Windows will never die, just like OS X will soldier on.

    The real problem for Windows and Microsoft is that we are moving to a mobile world. Combine that with the fact that the need to update or upgrade PC hardware every couple of years simply isn’t there anymore. Buy a decent laptop/desktop today and you won’t need to buy a new one for 5 years, if then. The only exception is if you are doing very high end, processor intensive work, and those folks are few and far between these days.

  3. Added to what I also said about basic stuff.

    I know so many people who are still on p4 dells.

    Even a 8 year old PC can still do every basic task just fine.

    So no one sees a reason to upgrade.

    When these machines eventually fail. They’ll buy another cheap windows PC or an iPad

  4. I agree with the MacDailyNews Take and windows is dying slowly. I do not see them changing or if they do they will wait until it is way to late to recover with death being imminent.

        1. The Airbus has had some spectacular failures. Consider the catastrophic crash in San Francisco where everyone onboard should be dead, and if they were on an Airbus I bet they all would be. But lucky for them they were on a Boeing craft so all but 2 survived and 1 of the 2 died because they got run over by a fire truck. Almost 300 survived. I would rather fly on a Boeing jet 1000x out of 1000 over a dangerous Airbus.

          1. It’s pretty funny that you say Airbus has had spectacular failures and then hold up a Boeing crash as an example. Still, the crash in San Francisco had nothing to do with the airplane and everything to do with the human pilots.

            1. True it is often pilot error, however once that happens, and it always will eventually, then it’s up to the well thought out structure, integrity, and built in safety features of the plane to hopefully save your ass if there is any chance to save it at all. As it was with the SF example. In some cases ain’t nothin’ going to save your ass!

      1. Considering the “DreamLiner” debacle, Boeing is certainly not headed in the right direction. Remember, the real Boeing designed, built, and delivered the 747 in less time than the 787 has been delayed.

        This is what Boeing gets for letting McDonnell-Douglas pull a reverse buyout on them.

        1. Yes, the dream liner has been delayed and has had issues.

          But it’s the most advanced pasenerger plane in the world. Not a simple machine.

          When was the last time Boeing had a new plane crash into the forest at the Paris airshow?

  5. To me, I am dead to Windows and whatever Microsoft does, including the X-Box. I would rather buy a Sony PlayStation 4 rather than an X-Box One, that’s how much I hate Microsoft.

    I realise now how much of a dupe I have been to Microsoft’s blandishments of a better OS around the corner. Always with MS, the next iteration will solve whatever problems are found in the current issue of the software. These are all lies pumped out by MS PR department, as far as I’m concerned.

    When I found Apple, through the iPhone 4, I discovered a whole new world, a world where quality meant something, both in hardware and software terms. Moreover using OS X is much more pleasurable than the clunky Windows interface and to me, that is worth its weight in gold.

    I believe I am not the only recent convert to Apple. There is an army of millions marching behind me, an army who has rediscovered what it means to be using quality software, not the dreck that Microsoft dishes out. And this army will forever remain Apple, so that is a big chunk out of MS’s user base gone.

    The only people clinging on to an MS monopoly are the IT doofuses but that’s only because MS insures job security. The sooner MS is dead, the better we’re all off.

    1. Cornell U. is just puttin’ the finishing touches on the new Bill and Melinda Gates Hall. So Cornell will be pushin’ the PC ‘n’ Dell shit on employees for many years to come just to thank Bill for his deep pockets.

    2. I liked my iPad1 as well until Apple decided to stop supporting it so soon after I paid over $700 for it. They won’t even release patches to fix iOS5 for F’s sake ! Now iPad 2 won’t work on iOS7. I don’t like this planned obsolescence BS !

  6. People are still too dumb to use computers . . . I just got a Facebook message from a friend who upgraded to the newest iMac at the Apple Store, which transferred all his files to it from his old Mac. He posted; “I’m so,excited about the new iMac! Can’t wait to get home and format it!”

    1. Yep, was at the Apple Store this weekend helping a friend choose a 13″ MacBook Pro. She’s stuck using a PC at work, likely a Duh-hell, but certainly not even in the running as a choice for home use.

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