Apple, Samsung in ongoing patent settlement talks

“Apple and Samsung Electronics have held a series of private negotiations about their numerous patent disputes since a court victory by Apple in one case last summer, according to legal documents and people familiar with the situation,” Ian Sherr reports for Dow Jones Newswires.

“The negotiations included face-to-face meetings in Seoul, South Korea, in December, one document states,” Sherr reports. “The two companies even appeared to come close to a settlement in February before talks cooled off.”

Sherr reports, “There is no indication that the two sides are close to a settlement, but talks between the companies are still going on, the people familiar with the discussions said… Samsung has pushed for a broad patent cross-licensing deal that could settle all outstanding litigation between the companies. It is unclear whether Apple was interested in such a deal.”

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  1. I actually welcome the end of this. The ongoing legal battles with son of Samsung has been a very annoying distraction to say the least. The quicker they can get bury this crap( both the legal issues and Samsung itself ) the better apple will be and they can put 110% not just 100% of effort into doing what they do best: pleasing me. 🙂

    1. Yep its annoying when someone steals your stuff then tries to sue you for use of a public road that they have a toll consession on. Of course they do not want the toll, they want the value of your car for using the road.

      Yep, Apple is just crazy to fight such a company, one that has been found guilty of stealing again and again and of course Apple wants to spend billions so you can buy a cheaper Android knock off product that they stole.

      Did I miss anything???

      1. Yes so continue fighting these legal battles for the next 20 years if need be because that will show Damsung right? And it will certainly strengthen apple right? Spending time and resources on a company with vast amounts of cash as well to spend legally. Yea that will benefit Apple… LIKE THROAT.

        1. I believe that the only thing that will let mankind progress is true justice. Without it, we will be doomed to bullies running the world. Fight on Apple and don’t give them a millimetre.

  2. is Samsung doing this for real or more delaying tactics?

    Samsung is good at delaying , they delay the courts etc to sell tens of millions of units and then when the court makes a ban etc. the model is already old and discontinued….

    go do an internet search on Samsung lawsuits and see all the lawsuits etc Samsung has been involved in including lawsuits between family members (Chariman Lee has been sued for millions for hiding monies from other family members etc) and you’ll quickly realize that Samsung adheres to no moral standards.

  3. No effing way will Apple do a cross licensing deal. That seemingly little ineffable jump in quality and innovation between Apple and all the wannabes is very valuable and irreplaceable. I have confidence the leadership at Apple also recognize that magical spark that their competitors lack.

    1. From what you post and from your profile, it seems perfectly right that you don’t reproduce yourself. Your non-children would thank you for admitting your ineptitude in child rearing. I also thank you for your insight on your lack of ability to parent.

    2. FYI, we had one at 38, and twins at 44, so you have time to change your decision if you want to. If you don’t want kids, so be it; I’ve found it to be one of the best, if not THE best, thing I’ve ever done with my life, so I encourage others because I want them to have that experience. YMMV, and I hope that you have a great life and do great things.

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