Obama administration petitioned to not buy products from foreign companies that have infringed upon US company patents

The Obama administration faces a new petition to:

Not buy products/services from foreign companies that have infringed upon any US company patents anywhere in the world.

The petition reads:
Samsung is trying to sell its mobile equipment to the FBI and the Navy. This equipment has already been found to have infringed upon Apple patents. Companies that steal American intellectual property should be blacklisted from selling their products to the Federal Government for 10 years. While Google is American and writes the software, Samsung has been found in US courts to have infringed upon Apple patents. Any foreign company found to have infringed on a US company’s patents should be disqualified as a supplier to the US government for 10 years from the date of the decision.

100,000 signatures requires a response from the Obama administration.

Read and/or sign the petition here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MikeinParis” for the heads up.]

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    1. Potential signers of this petition (I agree with the sentiment) should look at the other 125 open petitions.

      This is a forum for every crackpot on the planet.

      Nobody of any important is going to read, let alone act on these petitions. They are pathetically written and, by the number of signatures gathered, not on anybody’s issue radar.

  1. Obama Messiah and his lovely wife, Mr. Ed, must get a good laugh every morning with these pointless petitions. The only “petition” that these monsters should receive is an impeachment proceeding and an indictment for treason.

      1. Obozo can move to Florida where he will find all his racist black friends.

        “I loathed my mother because she was white”

        Obama in his book.

        You see it’s ok for knee grows to be openly racist in Americanistan.

        1. So you obviously grew up with interracial during a period in amerikkka where it was illegal for those parents to get married in some states. I am glad you know of what you speak.


            1. For Bot’nik—

              Benjamin Franklin: I sought to break a habit of mine of prattling, punning and joking,
              which made me acceptable only to trifling company.

    1. Derek, that 99,940 is the number of signatures still needed to hit the 100,000 goal. So far there are only 60 signatures. We need to get the word out! They need 100,000 by August 18, 2013. But I like your optimism!

    1. I disagree, any government should should show a bias in favor of domestic companies. If the US government really wants Android phones they should work with Motorola not Samsung.

    2. So by your logic Apple should not be purchased by the government either, because Apple has been found guilty of infringing on other companies’ patents.

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