LG says does not expect a delay until 2014 on iPad mini with Retina display; October 2013 release expected

“LG Display (LGD) is making progress on iPad Mini Retina panels and does not expect a delay until 2014 for the rumored Apple tablet, according to an Asia-based report,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“The South Korean display maker is “making new headway” in producing Retina panels for use in the next-gen iPad mini, according to Digitimes, citing industry sources,” Crothers reports. “This will allow LGD to hit Apple’s ‘expected October release date,’ the report said.”

Crothers reports, “It’s important to remember that the status of suppliers can vary dramatically quarter to quarter or even month to month. So, what seemed impossible one month may not be so impossible the next.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. This goes against Tim Cooks’ “doubling down” on secrecy – rumours now a days are just that; rumours by a bunch of anal-ists who love to cause a ruckus. See my fist… now tremble. Scottie – beam me up.

  1. If they actually pull off a Retina update on the Mini this year, it will be an amazing feat. Bring down the price of the non-retina to somewhere like 249-299 then watch the competitors burn.

    This will happen sooner or later. I bet when it does they will reduce the iPod Touch pricing by $30 to $50 as well. Or

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