Verizon Wireless: 3.87 million iPhones sold last quarter, 51 percent of total smartphone sales

“Verizon Wireless sold roughly 3.87 million iPhones in the second quarter, according to Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“The figure represents 51 percent of total smartphones activated, Shammo noted on a conference call on Thursday,” Cheng reports. “Verizon sold 4.1 million iPhones sold in the first quarter.”

Cheng reports, “It activated a total of 7.5 million smartphones in the period.”

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    1. As Verizon has no relevance to the rest of the world sadly not. Fact is that various markets outside North America are not looking so good by what I am hearing. Hopefully these whispers are wrong but I wouldn’t bet on it. Certainly not good to be complacent.

  1. Also, to put it in perspective, this is the quarter before a rumored new iPhone model, when some buyers might choose to delay purchase to wait and see. Therefore the situation for Apple iPhone is categorically different from disappointing sales of the Samsung S4, their latest-and-greatest model that was recently-introduced to great-fanfare. (Thought the journalists and analysts might need it spelled out for them. Sheesh.)

  2. I still love my iPhone 5. I MAY get a larger iPhone if one is offered in the future but for now this phone is one solid little puppy. Talk about consumer satisfied – that’s what I am! BUT looking forward to iOS7 which will make it like a new phone all on it’s lonesome. Forever Apple! Looking forward to the new Mac Pro’s and Mac Book Pro’s. 2013 is shaping up nicely.

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