New photos of iPhone 5S leak; could be biggest hardware upgrade ever for ‘S’ model

“As Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S enters mass production, we’re seeing all of the puzzle pieces fall into place,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “Photos are leaking, new details are trickling out, and rumors of production issues and possible delays are spreading like wildfire, just like they do every year.”

“Now, a new report from Weibo user and claimed insider C Technology may reveal full specs for the iPhone 5S alongside new images of the device’s case assembly seemingly taken inside Foxconn’s factory,” Epstein reports. “Where specs are concerned, the upcoming new flagship iPhone will be the biggest hardware upgrade ever for an ‘S’ device if the report’s claims pan out.”

Epstein reports, “Where new hardware is concerned, the report claims Apple’s iPhone 5S will include an upgraded 12-megapixel camera, a dual-LED flash, NFC and a fingerprint scanner.”

See the photos purporting to be of Apple’s aluminum ‘iPhone 5S’ shell in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I was expecting something out of this world and was let down with pictures of a raw aluminum shells that could very well be for a 5 based on the exterior appearance. What ever happened to that tear drop iPhone rumored to be the next iPhone a few years ago. That’s the kind of story I was expecting.

    The rumored hardware update is nothing more than internals and I’d be really surprised if Apple incorporates NFC.

    1. 1racer, the teardrop design was never, ever going to happen.
      Apple will not return to designs that have no room to pack a decent sized battery in, along with all the other components.
      A design like that is too heavily compromised.
      I can see a design using Liquidmetal that has very small radii on the corners, which would allow maximum space inside, but I can’t see the loss of flat edges on future designs, it’s just so useful for standing the phone on its edge for photos, or as a spirit level.

      1. There is no way that basic model of iPhone will have bigger screen.

        People do not have giant hands, and not everyone wants to use two-hand-use smartphone.

        For people who want, Apple will release iPhone MAXI (Google “iPhone MAXI concept), which might come as an addition, not as replacement of normal-sized iPhone.

    1. Personally, I’m hoping the “One more thing” will be Tim Cook announcing hand enlargement surgery centers across America so that users can actually hold an iPhone as big as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Part III, Section 7A Deluxe or whatever stupid name they call their big-ass phones. Perhaps a line of men’s shirts and trousers with gigantic pockets so that you can fit an enlarged phone, instead of having to wheel it behind you on a cart.

      Samsung’s new motto: If you can’t make it good, make it big.

  2. Anyone who thinks Apple will include NFC in an iPhone hasn’t read about iBeacons. I don’t believe any report that says Apple will include NFC, it’s been a total flop. The London Underground for example looked at using NFC technology but it’s too slow to use on their ticket gates.

    1. That’s simply not true,

      The London Underground has used NFC technology for many years in the form of the Oyster card, which is used by the majority of it’s regular travellers and has proved to be fast, reliable and popular.

      The reservations that they have about mobile NFC are to do with who else gets a cut of the money. When you have mobile NFC, you involve banks, retailers, mobile operators, device manufacturers and possibly advertisers. They all want to get a slice of the pie.

      Operating the Oyster card system in it’s present form costs 14% of the revenue and they are trying to reduce it to 10%. Such a reduction would be absolutely impossible if other parties also took a share of the revenue.

  3. Yeah, we were all desperate for hat Fingerprint scanner, sure.

    You can stick that finger up Tim Crooks ASS, that piece of shit NAZI collaborator.

    Yes Tim that is you. I spit in your face!

    1. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize everyone else loves typing passwords on touch screens. And love their iPhone getting erased when their kid types 10 wrong passwords in a row on the unlock screen. Yeah, that’s a way better system then one touch finger identification.

  4. We all know Samsung is making some headway with their plastic phablets, but it is at the expense of M$ and Blackberry, not really Apple, but it is good they are keeping Apple on their toes. It really is only two cars on the racetrack now…the playing field is now leveled out and the race begins for the next three to five years. Both companies can do well, but Apple’s quality and OS is way above Samsung currently.

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