Apple and the fear of flopping

“While Samsung, HTC, Google, Nokia, Amazon, and many others are cranking out new smartphones, tablets and even wearables several times a year, Apple is hanging back,” Dan Farber writes for CNET. “The company last introduced an iPhone in September and an iPad in October.”

“Whatever is going on in the market, Apple doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to respond to competitors. In fact, Apple has never been very reactionary or much of a fast follower in trying to keep up in the feature wars,” Farber writes. “It’s as if Apple knows something that no one else knows about how the mobile market will play out as it tinkers with exotic materials, like Liquidmetal, and develops its own chips in pursuit of the perfect union of hardware and software. Apple is more interested in the thickness of fonts and bezels than giving its customers a smartphone with a screen larger than four inches.”

Farber writes, “Apple has always been more focused on creating what it thinks is the best engineered and most aesthetically brilliant device on the planet. It’s a conceit that seems to be working… Apple has set itself up to flourish or flounder in a hit driven business. For the last decade the company has flourished, but a serious flop could inspire defections and erode the company’s stellar reputation. A wearable device, perhaps an iWatch, could be Apple’s next attempt at breakthrough device.”

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  1. In my opinion , what Apple needs to care is not releasing things other called smart but in fact stupid – example is the ” stupidphone” before iPhone .
    what Apple needs to care is make products which can’t be copied by shameless competitors .

  2. I always feel disgusted to hear Apple is no long innovative and other shareless copiers start to be ” innovative ” .
    I somehow feel consumers and shareless copiers are the same type from same planet while Apple is from advanced alien planet as consumers can’t distinguish who is truly innovative and think rubbish products like netnooks and big large smartphone display are innovative .

    Hope Apple will once again wake people up .

    1. Nostradamus’ ‘predictions’ are written in such oblique terms that with hindsight they can be made to fit just about any event since they were written.
      Please, don’t embarrass yourself in public by continuing to write rubbish about Nostradamus, the Illuminati, the Vatican, crop circles, Area 51, HAARP, or any of the other irrational conspiracy theories that pollute the Internet.

  3. Doofus article.
    1. With Apple’s huge ecosystem, it is very hard for any new product which ties into the ecosystem to flop.
    2. With $100 Billion in the bank, Apple has a bit of a cushion for those potential “bad spells.”

  4. Reminds me of the scene in one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies where a big bad guy displays some impressive swordplay on his way to butcher Harrison Ford, who then very nonchalantly takes out his pistol and shoots the bad guy. (Do I need to explain the metaphor? Can most people figure out who I consider to be Apple? Just can’t be sure these days. Sheesh.)

  5. I want the next iPhone to come with a wearable neckstrap, detachable, just like the original iPod. No ugly cases to prevent damage needed. Samsung, are you listening? No Patent needed.If Apple won’t do it, well it won’t be because they didn’t consider it.

  6. Although I’d like to see Apple more aggressive when it comes to putting out devices on a schedule, I suddenly see that isn’t such a good thing. I still feel that the average consumer doesn’t need computing devices to steadily advance technically at a high pace. Software doesn’t seem to be driving a high pace so why should Apple keep needing faster and faster devices. Apple would be better off refining its devices.

    However, Android’s spec-driven strategy makes Apple look really weak. Android devices are really spec-driven because of the greater competition among Android device vendors trying to differentiate themselves from one another.

    Since iPhone carrier contracts are two years long, Apple shouldn’t really need to rush out a new handset every year if the older one is selling well and consumers have no complaints about it. Apple isn’t catering to the tech crowd because they’re not the ones buying Apple products. A yearly iPhone refresh is nice but I think if it stretched out a few months more it really shouldn’t matter.

    Android seems to be clouding everything about the mobile industry. Google really put the whole mobile industry into chaos because of so many companies looking for shortcuts and quick profits using Android. Android cost most of them dearly. A free OS supported by a major company really shouldn’t exist. In fact, it could be seen as anti-competitive practice for companies who want to use their own software and OS. I really wish Apple could take Google down in the search engine business and give them a taste of how it feels to have its revenue stream hindered by some company’s side business.

    1. Please spout your ignorance somewhere else. Even if Steve was still around we would still be waiting for the next big thing. Steve took 3-5 years between the introduction of each new market busting innovation. Apple will produce something innovative and exciting. Just be patient.

  7. Apple, is once again in the drivers seat in the global mobile space. Naysayers come one, come all…. Increasing the screen size is (and soon to be “WAS”) a total FAD!. If you require a larger screen size buy an iPad Mini and incorporate that device into your seamless, malware free, tech lifestyle. AAPL, unlike the rest of the mobile tech sector KNOWS.. Take that!!! ANALists and shove it where your heads normally reside…. Your ASS!

  8. Uh, yea… Apple Not a fast follower?! Maybe having 20/20 vision on what it’s products will be and not Samsung’s near blind touchy feely copy it through the fog approach! How do these individual’s get a degree’?

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