Apple’s ‘iPhone 5S’ to feature indestructible Liquidmetal case, says BGR

“Apple’s iPhone 5S is most certainly being mass manufactured at this exact second, which is normal lead time of two to three months before launch,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR. “What is interesting, however, is obviously what the iPhone 5S is going to feature. What’s going to be different this time? Just an upgraded processor and camera? Most likely. A fingerprint scanner and NFC? Probably. But one thing that could be the most important element of the phone, any phone, has just started to bubble up after being overlooked for years, and that is what material the case is going to be made out of.”

“My prediction is that we are going to see a LiquidMetal [sic] case for the first time on an iPhone,” Geller reports. “We are going to see Apple launch a phone with the most ideal case material in the world, and potentially see the company introduce a sapphire crystal screen, which is also the most ideal material in the world. Not only is Apple going to offer the most amazing hardware that will be impossible for its rivals to replicate, but it has the software to go with it thanks to iOS 7.”

Geller reports, “Moving forward, it is going to be very difficult for vendors to copy Apple’s mobile device experiences, both on the outside and the inside.”

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    1. Besides, the story is total tabloid BS.

      Apple introduce such major changes as new materials only with new generation of devices, not an update version. Besides, LM is still too pricey.

      1. Not correct; LM is no more translucent than any other metal alloy. It is called “glass” sometimes only because it has amorphous atomic structure — as glass has, too.

      1. Based on last night’s LQMT story I padded my holdings by 5x this morning at .066! That’s the best 3 hr turnaround of my investing life. Of course, I’ll probably hold it way too long and lose it all. Still, feels good today.

  1. Samples would already be testing if it were the 5S. Sounds more like the 6 and iWatch. It would be interesting if, in the future, you could bring your LiquidMetal case in and get the electronic innards replaced for a lower total cost.

  2. IMHO Apple will use Liquid Metal in its processors. LM has great conductive and heat properties. They could take the same chip design and use LM to increase the speed and use less power. With little to redesign they can outperform their competition in the two most important areas, battery life and speed. The 3GS and 4S did not have a exterior change, why would people think the 5S will be different on the outside.

  3. While I’m not holding my breath I hope the liquid metal rumor is true. I haven’t seen a 5 without scratches.
    I don’t care about NFC, I haven’t seen a single place that I can use it in Australia for payments and the other uses would be more well known if they were any good.

    1. As I’ve said numerous times – “I’ll believe it when someone from Apple is standing on a stage telling me what it can do, when I can buy it, and how much it will cost. Until then, it’s all rumors, innuendos and speculation!”

  4. I wouldn’t expect any LiquidMetal phones before 2014. I would expect the current aluminum body form factor in the 5S simply for economies of scale, if not tradition. The generation after the 5S is more likely to include the new material. IMHO.

    1. NFC is insecure, that’s why everyone is mentioning it with a finger print scanner as a security precaution.

      The only way I see Apple including NFC is if it does more than just actual as your virtual wallet – transmitting your credit card info to those scanners in the stores after you slide your finger over the sensor for authorization. To that point – Apple holds a patent for charging devices over NFC …

      And NFC could complement the Airdrop / Airshare features they showed off for iOS7 for iOS to iOS device.

      Three uses for NFC – that sounds like something Apple would do.

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