Tog: Apple is still the king of design and innovation; they will again change everything, no doubt about that whatsoever

“The heart of Apple is its power to design products that everyone wants to have, including its competitors, said Bruce ‘Tog’ Tognazzini, a human-computer interaction specialist at Nielsen Norman Group, who was also one of Steve Jobs’ early hires,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC.

“This is why its competitors have continually cloned the company’s products to compete, he said.” Thompson reports. “‘Apple will every so often come out with a breakthrough product and then everybody copies it and that’s where we are today and it seems like everything is coming to a halt, but it’s not coming to a halt,’ Tognazzini said. ‘And I have no doubt about that whatsoever. They will come out with another product that will change everything. I don’t think they are falling behind… It’s the place you want to go as a young designer or a young engineer. It’s not slipping behind, or behind in having brilliant, world-class designers. It just does not come out with a product like the iPhone or iPad every year. We are all waiting, and we are all anxious.'”

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  1. I am waiting, and I am anxious. I enjoy Apple innovation so completely that I often fantasize about what a great Apple designer I would be, even though my rational mind tells me there’s no way I would be anything beyond average in such a role. Still, it continually pops up in my mind as my personal ideal. That and Christ-likeness. So there you go.

    1. Out of interest did you know the more modern image of Christ as a Youngish man is directly taken from the image of Zeus. Faintly more interesting than this article mind and probably more relavent to the great scheme of things.

      1. Yes, lots of overlap. If you take away the Jesus-as-David, Jesus-as-Prophet-like-Moses, Jesus-as-Elijah, Jesus-as-Greek-Philosopher, and Jesus-as-Roman-god-figure stuff out of the gospels you end up with very very little. But we all use images we know to describe the uniqueness of what we see and experience. I’m cool with that. You could do lots worse than seeking to live as an incarnation of Love. In fact, deconstructed or not, Christ really is a vibrant description of humanity’s highest form, lived; one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

        1. A very refreshing and timely reminder, as people in hard times tend to get squirrelly with material goods and forget to focus on the Good, which is to say the social good, which is to say the moral good. Still, not for nothing was the iPhone labeled the Jesus phone. When you introduce something that good, and everyone rushes to imitate you, you have unwittingly acquired something like moral leadership. The press and pundits become the Pharisees. Microsoft is Pharaoh. Google is Judas. Eventually you get crucified.

  2. “It just does not come out with a product like the iPhone or iPad every year.”
    Exactly, if they did the tech industry would only be 2 years old. And this is what the rest of the world seems to forget.

    1. Sometimes, it is how the pieces are put together. Like a full orchestra uses more than one instrument.

      • Apple now has 5 or more server farms to stream media from and record up to.
      • the NEW Mac Pro that can stream up to three 4K HDTV.
      • Apple’s extensive iTunes and iCloud services and integrated system.
      • New 4K HDTV sets entering the market with no system to supply the 4K HDTV to watch on them.

      So, Apple has the server farms with the iTunes accounts to stream to the new home Mac Pro servers to stream to the new generation of 4K HDTV sets people will be buying this year. It is like a full orchestra. Without all the pieces, nothing is of any value. (Note: The new Mac Pro is also the same black color as the rest of my home entertainment system.)

      1. I’d say you’re the only person in the world who believes that. Most investors are certain all of Apple’s instruments are broken and there is no orchestra. Only Timid Cook is blowing a flute in the corner.

        Seriously though, you can’t possibly believe consumers will be running out and buying 4K HDTVs in quantity. They’re already tapped out from buying those nearly useless 3D HDTVs. I don’t care how many server farms Apple has. You don’t think ISPs are going to let Apple get away with unlimited broadband streaming without serious data cap restrictions. No one is just going to up and let Apple take over the streaming market without much resistance. Apple had better start buying up ISPs or something. Google is at least trying to put in its own fiber networks and Apple should do the same. There are so many areas in the U.S. where broadband is terrible or non-existent.

        Apple can count me out as far as 4K HDTVs are concerned. I absolutely refuse to pay money for that technology just so I can watch some crappy reality TV shows in ultra-HD. Almost nobody will be buying those new Mac Pros nor will they be buying 4K HDTVs. Apple has gone about as far as it can go. They’ve run head-on into a stalled economy. If consumers can’t even now afford to buy subsidized iPhones, you might as well forget them buying $2500 4K HDTVs or $3500 Mac Pros.

        Do you know why Apple is worth nearly next to nothing in shareholder value? Wall Street has already realized that Apple doesn’t have any places to go to in order to bump up its revenue. I’d say it’s a very serious problem for Apple. I’m a shareholder and even I realize this much.

        1. Also everyone also makes an MP3 player. There’s no way Apple can enter that market. And smartphones? RIM and Windows own the market. There’s no way carriers would keep their software off of them. And who wants a phone with no keyboard? Also, tablets. They’ve been around for a long time. They don’t sell.
          Nobody wants them.

  3. Stupid story. It’s not happening. Dream on, lemmings. While Apple descends further into the realm of Sony, IBM, M’Soft, etc. No longer what it once was but it is what it is.

    1. I have always felt that you had valid arguments to explain Apple’s decline, but how can you think that incessantly hammering us as lemmings helps in any way to make your case? Drop the offensive shtick, and maybe you’ll persuade more people.

  4. It is truly bizarre the way analysts and the public alike criticize Apple for failing to roll out new “game changers” every quarter while remaining completely blind to the fact that Apple’s competitors have absolutely nothing to offer except copies of Apple’s previous game-changers. These companies don’t have an innovative bone in their bodies, yet it is Apple that is accused of not innovating. Totally ridiculous and crazy-making!!!

    1. Oh I dont know, Google are playing around with driverless cars, I’m sure we will be seeing them everywhere … Except on public roads in the next 50 years or so. But hey everyone will take to the concept and say how innovative Google is, yes its the future just like when we all started wearing those silver suits in 2000. Oh was I the only one.

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