Big three Russian mobile phone carriers say ‘nyet’ to Apple’s iPhone

There’s good money to be made selling iPhones in Russia. It’s “a product with enough cachet among Russia’s nouveau riches that at one point last September a black market iPhone 5 could fetch $3,700 in Moscow or St. Petersburg,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“But 10 months later, there’s not an iPhone to be had at any of the big three carriers’ stores. Last week the last hold-out — VimpleCom, which sells phones under the Beeline brand — cut its ties with Apple and began offering its customers Samsung’s Galaxy S4 instead,” P.E.D. reports. “What happened? What makes Russia different from the rest of the world?”

P.E.D. reports, “Russia’s unique market dynamics have taken their toll. Microsoft’s share of the Russian smartphone market, for example, grew to 8.2% last quarter compared with 5.1% a year earlier, according to IDC. During the same period, Apple’s share dropped to 8.3% from 9%.”

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    1. iPhone 5 in Apple Store Russia costs $918, while actual price has to be $649 + (5% import fee for cellular phones + 18% VAT = 23%) = $798.

      Where $120 go?

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  1. For a tiny 4″ phone the iPhone is too fricking expensive. Either increase the screen size or drop the price to $450 or do both and bring out a cheaper iPhone and a bigger iPhone. Not complicated really. Only the retards at Apple can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

    1. “retards” eh? You need some serious re-education, sir (or madam). Write again when the PC crowd takes your Crayons away and gives you back your Android device. What a serious maroon (with apologies to Bugs Bunny)!

    2. ” For a tiny 4″ phone the iPhone is too fricking expensive…”

      Don’t agree at all. I was commuting in today next to someone with an enormous Android. It was ridiculous. It was also very impractical, as she couldn’t operate it one-handed, so she couldn’t hold onto the handrail & kept sliding all over the place.

      Android phones are too freaking big.

  2. I live in Bangkok and had to replace a stolen iPhone so I did what most people in Bangkok do when they need an iPhone and went to MBK, a huge market/mall/bazaar, and bought an unlocked iPhone 4S. I had to wait 20 minutes while the person in front of me bought 7 iPhone 5. Apparently someone in Russia still wants iPhones.

  3. Too bad to lose you as an iPhone customer, “too fricking stupid”. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass (or in your diminutive pecker for that matter). Clearly, your brains can’t take any more damage, wherever they’re located.

  4. Whats the big deal? There must be a carrier like T-mobile that can make iPhone work there. If people wanna pay big bucks to buy it, great. No need to talk shit about Russia or communist and all that crab. Communist China is now ranking #2 economic power and soon to catch up to #1 and China has the biggest cell phone market. Oh, forgot to mentioned, I’ve been using Apple product since 90’s so please don’t bash me!

  5. From

    It is perhaps worth noting that VimpelCom really is a powerhouse carrier — it is the sixth largest mobile operator in the world, with a substantial presence in Russia, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, Pakistan and more. Put another way, it’s perhaps not the right kind of customer to tick off. MTS is no minnow, either, since it has more than 100 million subscribers and dominates the Central and Eastern European markets. Together, Vimpelcom and MTS count more than 300 million subscribers.

  6. That’s just too bad.
    Maybe they should offer their costumers what they want. But I guess carriers are more interested in cheap easy money, spend less on phones, than long term success and costumers satisfaction. Perhaps they will reverse their decision in the future.

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