Thief breaks into wireless store, steals several iPhones, leaves his own Samsung Galaxy behind

“The police allege that Travis Montgomery Snyder, 25, took to a glass case with vigor at DMW Wireless in Springfield, Va,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET. “They say he didn’t count on surveillance footage giving them an idea of his looks and build.”

“They also say, with an entirely straight face, that it isn’t wise to leave your Samsung Galaxy behind when you’re robbing a store of iPhones,” Matyszczyk reports. “It wasn’t the symbolism, I suspect, that moved the police. It was more the fact that they allegedly traced Snyder through the phone’s subscription details.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Too easy.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JimmyFresco” for the heads up.]


    1. This was merely a demonstration of Android’s new “Find my Owner” app.

      Simply leave your Android phone in proximity to the site of a recent criminal activity and the police will personally visit your residence and provide transportation to a holding cell. You will eventually be able to reunite with your Android phone in the courtroom when it is presented as evidence.

  1. Perhaps a new Samsung TV commercial was in the making?
    “Avoid the loooooooong Apple iPhone lines, smash and dash after hours!” – Samsung Innovation.

  2. Reminds of my brother in law’s story. He left his Galaxy on the seat of his car. He came back two hours later to find the window had been smashed in. He found three Galaxys on the seat.

  3. This is why I don’t carry a ginormous phone. I’m never tempted to take it out and set it down and lose it. Everybody I’ve seen that owns a Galaxy either takes it out of their back pockets and sets it on the table, or they keep it in their coat pocket or purse which also get left behind sometimes (until they can’t start their cars). Urban settings with taxis much just make this worse.

  4. He was taking advantage of the store’s “Trade In, Trade Up” promotion. Now he’ll be taking advantage of the State of Virginia’s “Don’t Do The Crime, If You Can’t Do The Time” promotion!

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