The Inquirer: iOS 7 is a major step forward for Apple

“Apple might have provoked divergent opinions when it unveiled iOS 7 earlier this year, but we think those who were quick to slam the mobile operating system will grow to like it, while those who already like the look of it won’t be disappointed once it’s released,” Carly Page writes for The Inquirer.

“There’s no denying that iOS 7 is a major step forward for Apple, and without a redesign like this, the firm likely would have faced more criticism than it has for doing so,” Page writes. “The user interface changes, while not as drastic as initial impressions might suggest, breathe new life into the otherwise ageing mobile OS, and although some were quick to comment on the ‘ugly’ app icons, we’ve grown to like them during our time with iOS 7, and we think it makes the operating system exciting again.”

Page writes, “There’s a lot to be excited about in terms of new features. Things such as the revamped Safari app and Control Center panel will make life easier for many iPhone users.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. I like iOS 7 but hate it too.

    My two biggest gripes:

    1. Settings. Same old Settings. Bloated and sucks.
    2. Safari tabs. My god is it horrible. A rolodex? It’s hard to see the titles in the card slips. It looks like an ugly prototype. Get rid of it or do it much better!

    1. You know… I have to agree with you this time. I am constantly looking for the same items in the Setting area and can never find them easily. Neither was I wowed by the tabs in Safari. In addition, I have a problem with the disappearing Safari controls at the screen bottom. Often there is a link on the page right where you want to touch to bring up the controls, so instead of easily navigating back/forward or to a book mark you find yourself being directed to a new page you didn’t want to go to. Frankly, I’d rather give up the screen real estate to have permanent nav controls.

  2. People thought Apple was crazy and many complained loudly when they killed the floppy drive, PPC Chip, etc… But those moves always better position Apple for the future.

    I’m looking forward to iOS 7.

  3. I must say I was one of those that hated the icon colour and flatness. But now, whenever I go to I can’t stop staring at the icons. Just beautiful. I am fighting the urge to pay up the $99 for developer privileges so I can get the beta. How long is the wait now, 3 months 😐 or even 4 🙁 . What to do…

      1. Agreed. Hideous looking. Thank the maker Jony thickened the font. Now for the boys and girls that like the new look, great. For those who do not — offer classic option icons.

  4. While you are entitled to an opinion (unless you are just a paid astroturfer (likely))
    The amazing thing is that your objections are tiny nit picks, particularly compared to the malware infested and fragment mess that android has become. (and the appless, total mess of win8)
    Who in their right mind would buy an android phone? (and it appears, based on samsungs huge failure to launch “the g4” that consumers are indeed waking up to reality.)

    Si I guess my answer is, if you are an troll or astroturfer, -huge fail- cash that check as quick as you can before they put a stop on it (based on you lame ass trolling), and if you are a legitimate user, rejoice that the only tiny faults you have seen in a -still beta- os is the the settings (though I don’t get that, at all) and the orientation of the browser tabs? Awesome!

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