Foxconn recruiting workers for ‘sizable production’ of Apple iPhone 6, source says

“Foxconn Technology Group is recruiting new workers as the sizable production of the iPhone 6 has begun, a recruitment agent for Foxconn’s plants in Zhengzhou, Henan province said,” WantChinaTimes reports.

“There are 210,000 employed at the Zhengzhou plant and a large-scale recruitment drive has been launched in several places across the country, a source familiar with the matter told Shanghai’s First Financial Daily,” WantChinaTimes reports. “Foxconn did not disclose details of its production plan. The company only told the paper that it was offering job vacancies at its Zhengzhou plant to meet seasonal demand.”

WantChinaTimes reports, “It was very likely that the company was [recruiting for] manufacturing for Apple’s iPhone 6, which is scheduled to be rolled out in the second half of the year, the News stated. It added that Apple had transferred part of it assembly orders to Taiwan’s Pegatron, which is also very likely to manufacture Apple’s low-budget iPhone products. Nevertheless, the mobile production volume at the Zhengzhou plant still touched over 32 million devices during the January to May period… [Pegatron] now employs about 100,000 workers in China and is expected to boost that number by up to 40% during the next few months.”

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    1. Or, the lower-cost iPhone will be named the iPhone 6 and it will be released alongside the iPhone 5S? I don’t know.

      Or it could just be bad reporting, or misinformation being released by the company.

        1. Um … If something is released in between the iPhone 5S and an iPhone 7. There is no way the iPhone 5S (if the leaks are real) won’t be the iPhone 5S–same body, just a few upgrades and a new dual LED sensor.

          So, I’m expecting the low-cost iPhone to either be called the iPhone 6, or to receive an entirely new iPhone name to separate it from the premium iPhone line.

    2. Totally depends on the headline agenda being pursued:

      “Apple cancels IPhone 6 production due to lack of demand; iPhone 5S production ramps in line with expectations”. In other words, “Gee, boss I was wrong about what Apple would call it, but I think I’ve covered our reputation nicely with this headline — what do you think?”

    1. It would be highly goofy is Apple broke it’s iPhone numbering scheme for the rumorous ‘budget’ iPhone. It will be called something else, just as happened with the iPods. ‘iPhone Limited 1’ or such like. (Sort of joking).

      The ‘iPhone 6’, if it too isn’t merely rumorous, COULD mean that it can run REAL 4G mobile, which I suspect will be called by it’s direct name of ‘LTE Advanced’. We shall see.

      If they call it ‘5G’ I’ll just laugh and laugh and laugh… 😆 The marketing dummies at the cell phone companies certainly bolluxed up the mobile speed naming system. 😛

    2. I know someone pretty high up at Apple. The new cheap iPhone will be called…………….. Rollo Tomasi. No, really! That’s inside information too so don’t spread it around. It was between that and the iPhone 5.5. They just couldn’t make up their minds. It was a deadlock. So they let Scott be the tiebreaker. It’s kind of catchy isn’t it?

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