Will the iPhone get its own ‘Mac Pro moment’ soon?

“There’s no argument that the Mac Pro was in need of some love and in fact, we’d argue that it’s been overdue some attention for quite some time now. We’d hoped that Apple would offer some signs that the Mac Pro was still in their hearts at this year’s WWDC, but we never invisaged something like what Phil Schiller finally announced on-stage,” Oliver Haslam writes for iDownloadBlog. “It was a wow moment the likes of which we don’t recall since the original iPhone introduction.”

“Which got us thinking,” Haslam writes. “With iPhones being released each year, and with leaks almost commonplace when it comes to Apple’s suppliers, are we in danger of growing bored with Apple’s iPhone? Perhaps more accurately, are we no longer capable of being surprised by a newly announced smartphone from Apple?”

Haslam writes, “Or, as the title asks, will the iPhone get its own ‘Mac Pro moment’ soon?”

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    1. It’s beneath that. He’s just a blogger, probably yet another 30-something still living in the basement at his parent’s house. That MDN even runs this worthless trash confirms that it’s:

      1. A slow news week
      2. That click-bait is just too darned tempting

      Perhaps the best conclusion would be to merely file this as READ BY MISTAKE.

    1. Actually its a good question if you ignore the deliberate overkill to grab attention (which clearly worked). The present iPhone is looking a bit dated (in particular large overhangs each end compared to the opposition) and will surely be a new design next year at the latest. So will it be an evolution or a big step forward, if the latter what could that big change be. To be honest there is as others commented rather less ability to revision a smartphone as compared to a Mac Pro (which is where the overkill comes in but be nice to be proved at least partly wrong there so why not ask the question because I for one would like to imagine how the phone can be changed and developed and in what way be it evolution or revolution in nature. So surely now is the time to ask that question because there is only so long people are going to swap one phone for an identical looking one unless it has massive improvements over and above the last couple iterations in iOS and general functionality no matter how much we may support the iPhone generally, we aren’t the typical buyers.

  1. Why not? Apple has in the past created a lower cost product with a premium product covering a particular segment. A feature rich iPhone that could include lower volume breaking tech would allow Apple to exact more profit without the wait for the volume that the current iPhone requires. I would say it makes sense in the current market.

  2. I for one hope the iPhone doesn’t have a “Mac Pro moment.”

    The new Mac Pro is a huge disappointment to me. No PCI Express slots, and if the preliminary specs are to be believed, an old Intel Xeon E5 processor.

  3. No information but my opinion is not unless Apple divides the iPhone into pro and consumer versions. There is a small crowd here anxious to see Apple develop the most fantastic iPhone possible. Most of the world is not ready for that. Look how well the 4 and 4S are selling. That contradicts those who complain that the iPhone 5 is not advanced enough. Apple is walking a narrow line in designing iPhones; add enough new features to satisfy most of the early adopters but don’t develop them so quickly as to leave most consumers behind.

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