Top iOS apps and games go free ahead of Apple’s App Store’s fifth birthday

“A host of highly regarded apps for iPhone and iPad have gone free today in what could be a major celebration to mark five years since Apple launched the App Store,” Sam Byford reports for The Verge.

“None of these apps have ever been free on the App Store before, and many have commanded relatively high prices until now,” Byford reports. “According to ABC News, the CEO of Touch Press (who makes Barefoot World Atlas) confirmed that the app going free is for a fifth-anniversary promotion. ‘Barefoot World Atlas went free this morning and will remain so all this week to help celebrate five years of the App Store,” said CEO Max Whitby.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Happy downloading!


  1. That’s Apple for you. Tough titties if you’re an Apple user because Apple doesn’t drop the price of its apps to free. Apple expects other app developers to eat the cost of free apps – what a miserly approach to promoting the app store.

    Apple should make iWork, GarageBand, iPhoto and all of its apps free for one week. Apple is the scrooge of the tech world.

    1. HiHi – a Samdung troll. Lately it seems that the first posting is always by a Samdung troll, and they always get their facts wrong … oh, right, that’s par for the course with trolls of course 🙂

      The apps are discounted to zero but it is Apple bearing the cost – the developers still get their money.

      Hmmm, money … could use some … how do I become a Samdung troll too? Although I’m probably underqualified …

    2. And with that obvious sentiment for Apple, what on earth makes an asshole like you seek out an Apple website such as MDN and information intended only for Apple users, to rant ignorantly and arrogantly about, like the world owes you something?

      1. To Apple, profits are just a great side affect to making great products

        ” we just want to make the best computers we know how to make ”

        – Steve jobs

        1. What a moronic statement. You really think the app developers of the top apps on the App Store are going to let their apps be incompatible with iOS 7?

          Plus, iOS 7 is not going to break apps, it simply has additional features and an overall OS look that is different. App developers, like always, can choose to implement various system-wide features or not into their apps.

  2. And to think, the App Store almost never happened. Goes to show Apple does listen to its customers. Though who knows if web apps would’ve been better for us?

  3. It’s only been five years? Seems like so much longer. So many apps have become such an integral part of my life that I can barely remember what it was like to get along without them.


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