Samsung Electronics stock extends losses to over 4 percent

“Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s shares extended falls to more than 4 percent after its second-quarter earnings estimates released on Friday failed to meet market forecasts, fuelling concerns about growth in its smartphone business,” Jungyoun Park reports for Reuters.

“Shares in Samsung Electronics were down 4.3 percent at 1.212 million won as of 10:05 p.m. ET, after falling to as low as 1.211 million won earlier in the session, a 10-month intraday low,” Park reports.

HMC Investment Securities analyst Nho Geun-Chang said on Friday, “I think Samsung spent more on marketing expenses than expected because of the launch of Galaxy S4 smartphone, which led the company’s results to miss the market consensus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Aww.

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    1. True. But it’s the old saying, “lead, follow or get the hell out of the way”. Apple isn’t crying in their mineral water you know. They’re moving ahead. Hopefully. We’ll see in the next six to nine months. I’m still waiting for my iTransporter. Now there’s a game changer.

    1. Low-cost/cheap iPhone? Yes. Low-cost/cheap laptop? Dunno? The MacBook Air is a fantastic laptop if your needs are not great. About a grand. They make the world’s best laptop already, the MacBook Pro Retina. Nothing comes close to either of them. Will they dip below the $1000 level? If they can do it profitably I guess they will? But it’s the cheap iPhone that’s coming for sure. And it will sell like hotcakes!

            1. I guess I’m in the minority but he never did impress me that much. He was good. At times very good. And was certainly in some great movies. I just can’t say that he was the reason that they were great. Seems that he always had a fabulous supporting cast. Especially the female leads. Just sayin. Hard to beat Bogart, Mitchum and Cagney. I was a late convert to Cagney. Then one day I realized that his over-the-top personality never stopped him from playing many different characters. And playing them well. He was just the opposite of Cooper’s laid-back style. I guess I could just never differentiate between laid-back and lacking. Someone else who never gets any credit, although I’m not saying he’s in their league, is Mickey Rooney. He seem to be the consummate professional entertainer. Always willing to sing dance or act, whatever was needed. And from what I have read he was always a professional. On his mark and ready. He started at about four years old in vaudeville so it was in his blood. If it was football, he would’ve been a two-way player and played any position that the coach needed to fill. Mickey Rooney always reminded me of some comedians who do some acting, it just seems to come naturally. Dealing with studios I have met many people over the years. When I get the chance I like to talk to people who were around back in the day. Never heard a bad word about Mickey Rooney. And he’s still kicking. Although probably a bit slower.

            2. Totally agree about Cagney. Riveting work in his last film, Ragtime, playing a NYC Police Commissioner. I have nothing but respect for the man; not only a legend, but a gamer.

    2. You don’t fight fire (low cost) with fire. Just ask eMachines, Packard Bell, Gateway, Dell, Singer, Olivetti, Compaq, Osborne and a dozen others how that worked for them.

      Differentiating on price (hey I’m cheaper) is a losing strategy.

  1. So like Apple they only increased their sales and profit so therefore then stock goes down. Amazon makes no profit and it stock continues to climb. I have to admit I am as my grandfather used to say to me, “a stupido” when it comes to the Wallstreet.

    1. Investors are thinking in the future not present. If Amazon reports less profit today but they can see big in the future… stock probably high.

      Meanwhile Samsung.. investors see big lost in the future. While news also Apple is partnering with TSMC now could mean another big lost to Samsung plus this failed S4.

      GOOG will still high.. even Android will gone.. they gain more in iOS anyway.

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