Beleaguered Dell shares crumble

“Shares of Dell Inc. slid Friday following reports that CEO Michael Dell and Silver Lake will not be raising their proposed privatization bid for the PC maker, which is due to come to a shareholder vote later this month,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“Dell took a significant tumble, falling 2.3% to $13.03 — the lowest closing price for the stock since before the company announced the privatization deal on Feb. 5,” Gallagher reports. “Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources, said Dell and Silver Lake believe their offer ‘represents a fair and significant premium’ to what the stock would trade at if the deal fell through.”

Gallagher reports, “Dell shareholders are slated to vote on the privatization offer at a special meeting on July 18. In a filing earlier on Friday, the special committee of Dell’s board warned of ‘substantial downside risk’ for the stock if the deal falls through.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s too bad.

Steve the Destroyer strikes again! 🙂


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        1. I tried to find a YouTube clip of this priceless moment, there’s not really any good ones there. 🙁

          YouTube has slowly become more and more disappointing as major commercial interests pull down all the cool content for “copyright” reasons. Its too bad they couldn’t find a way to have the copyright holders benefit from people watching clips of their work instead of being motivated to pull it all down.

  1. good riddance.

    such cheap crapware.

    if the world sucks and if the world economy does too, it’s all thanks to dilution of quality, standards, morals, vision, culture, intelligence etc. dilution does not work, does not last or sustain.

    perfect examples of Dilution:

    perfect examples that work:

    Mr Dell’s only claim to fame is being hailed for diluting/cheapening the industry.
    that’s his vision – nada max?!!
    wow. so, what made him the genius?!!
    Mr Dell’s culture is all about dilution.
    it caught up with him. in words (yeah, shut down AAPL) + in dough.

    who’ll be remembered in history:
    dilutionists, cheap skates, losers, tasteless leaders, fake charitable leaders i.e Billy Gates of Hell?
    qualitative visionaries that do give a F?!

    all the Apple bashers/naysayers/doomsters/Stockholm Syndromers are silly and wrong about Apple being dead and wrong about spending all their energies killing Apple when it is the only firm in the Black out of America and still the most innovative and the only U.S. product that Made in the USA is worthy of pride internationally.

    but wishing Dell bad, is not so bad.
    simply because it’s full of B.S. and dilution.
    the world sucks enough, we need less dilution to save it.

    1. Which is why I sometimes give stick on here, any country that has such strong if delusioned elements so determined to bring the likes of Apple down while championing the likes of Dell deserves to get criticised for it because such attitudes will eventually destroy the very Essence that built it in the first place. It’s pure self destruction that I have seen happen here in my lifetime and can’t believe its potentially being repeated. Western countries will never compete by working towards the lowest common denominator like Dell, cheap and cheerful is the province of Asia theses days and for the foreseeable future. Germany concentrates on high value products at its core and thrives on, it gave up on the Dells of this world a long time ago and it takes national pride in its high achieving companies. We all have to do the same and Apple epitomises that fact.

  2. Dell can’t play the low-end PC game anymore, because a Windows PC needs to have a touchscreen be fully functional with Windows 8. A new PC without a touchscreen is a second-class citizen in the Windows world.

    Meanwhile, Apple puts its money into things customers actually care about, such as flash-based storage, ultra-high resolution displays, and ten-hour battery life.

    Result – Windows PC makers no longer have the low-cost advantage versus Apple’s Mac business. And they NEVER had the quality (and “coolness”) advantage. And that’s before we put iPad into the equation. Apple holds all the cards…

    They can say “thank” to Microsoft.

  3. I really hope they go bankrupt so people don’t have to put up with the garbage. Apple should straight up deny any former dell workers a Job up keep their crap out of apple.

    I long for the day when if you want a desktop or laptop, apple will be the only brand on the shelf

    1. “I long for the day when if you want a desktop or laptop, apple will be the only brand on the shelf.”

      I don’t long for this day at all. Competition and options are good things. Also – people don’t have to put up with garbage now – they choose to.

      Some people deserve to use crap like Dell.

    2. Why would you long for something like that? What do you do, eat a little zealotry and fanaticism with your froot loops every morning?

      I for one want to see Dell reboot, thrive, and challenge everyone else out there. I’d like to see them:

      1. Dump Windows and develop a new commercial LINUX. Maybe build a new mobile LINUX.
      2. Hire real designers to create great looking hardware
      3. Build their own ecosystem but make is so that people weren’t trapped. I.e. They support Windows, Mac, and their own LINUX based os.

      There is nothing GOOD about companies failing. People losing their jobs is not something you cheer for. Chances are it’s not the faults of the rank and file but of crap management from the top down.

      1. I’m pretty sure these are Dell monitors. In reading the reviews, I’ve never seen any notes that these might be rebranded. Their performance and appearance don’t line up with any other models.

        So I’d be perfectly happy to see the computers go and the monitors stay.

  4. The only PC in our house is my wife’s Dell laptop that her job forces her to use. She’s had three of them in the past 5 years. And all three of them have been a source of frustrating problems, and premature deaths

  5. Apple shares have crumbled, 45%. Just finished Job’s bio story. What a piece of human shit he was. Child abandoner, snitch fuck thief Woz, cry baby fuck all time was he wasn’t being an asswipe bully, and a liar and a skinflint fuck selfish POS. GLAD HE IS DEAD!

    1. didn’t your mama teach you to not speak ill of the dead? that’s a lot of vile you spewed. I can assume you’ve never made a mistake or lost your temper?

    2. Hope you’re enjoying your Dell, Zune, Surface and Samsung gadgets. I’m sure anyone with as much hate as you have for Steve wold not think of using any of his products. And sounds like you deserve every one of them.

  6. Yet we still buy Dell laptops at work. I can only guess their bulk purchase maintenance package for enterprise is competitively priced. I’ll be nice and say this: each new Dell laptop I’ve gotten has been less crappy than the one before it. Really the only thing annoying me about my current model is some idiotic decisions they made regarding the keyboard layout.


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