Samsung Electronics buys Boxee

“Samsung Electronics has acquired TV digital recording device company Boxee, the South Korean manufacturer said on Wednesday,” Reuters reports. “Terms of the deal were not disclosed.”

“Boxee is a DVR that stores content in the cloud and lets viewers watch recordings anywhere without space constraints,” Reiters reports. “Most DVRs allow for a limited number of recordings before the user has to delete shows to make room for others.”

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  1. Ok, Samsung looks to be running for innovation again. Maybe trying to get a step in before Apple simply sets up the ability to stream or download content from the source to your device.
    Apple, choose channel, select content, stream or download- no extra device. Done.

    1. Samsung, buying someone else’s technology because they can’t come up with it themselves. <–Microsoft maneuver.

      If you can't create it:
      1) Imitate it
      2) Buy it
      3) Wipe it off the surface of the planet

      Samsung: Shallow and stupid to the nth degree. Maybe getting some brain cells from Boxee will help.

  2. Confused, Sammy Sells Smart TV’s with streaming content and buys a company that sells a box that records streaming content, they couldn’t figure out how to do this themselves?

  3. This is good news for Apple. Samsung buying Boxee means that they will use it to differentiate their TVs from the competition, essentially denying non-Samsung TVs from having Boxee. This will further marginalize Boxee while Apple TV can continue to be used on any TV set.

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