More pictures of purported ‘iPhone Lite’ shell surface with new blue color

“Coming two days after the last batch of images showing Apple’s supposed ‘iPhone Lite’ hit the Web, another set shows the plastic rear casing against a white background, including a new blue color,” AppleInsider reports.

“The images, which come courtesy of, are of slightly higher quality than the previous pictures, but reveal nothing in the way of new information,” AppleInsider reports. “As seen before, the shell appears to be constructed out of a hard, slightly shiny plastic or polycarbonate, with a metal substructure for fastening internal components and EMI shielding.”

AppleInsider reports, “In this case, the parts are covered in a protective plastic covering, suggesting they are near final production models.”

'iPhone Lite" casing colors (photo via:
‘iPhone Lite” casing colors (photo via:

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  1. There are more pictures on the french site. Once assembled, they look quite nice. I think you won’t notice any “cheapness” to them at all. I think they will seem like a cross between iPhone 5 and iPhone 3G/GS

    1. The assembled images are 3d renders. These phones look fine to me for the demographic Apple is going for – and the bright colors work pretty well with IOS7. I wouldn’t buy one, but would definitely buy one for my daughter. I’ll have to start trading in my old phones, rather than handing them down….

    2. IF these parts are real, here’s what I think is happening…

      This is NOT the so-called “low-cost iPhone.” Apple has been using the last two generations of iPhone as the “lower” (not “low”) cost choices. Currently, the iPhone 4 is the $0 choice and the iPhone 4S is the $99 choice (with two-year contract obviously).

      Although iOS 7 technically supports back to iPhone 4, perhaps Apple does not want to sell any NEW iPhones (once iOS 7 is released) that does not have a 4-inch Retina Display and an A5 (or better). That would mean the iPhone 4S canNOT be the $0 choice when the next iPhone lineup is released.

      These parts are then for an “iPhone Lite” model that will be the $0 choice. It is probably just an 8GB version of the current iPhone 5, with a plastic casing. So the iPhone lineup for the iOS7 release will be something like:

      iPhone 5S (or whatever it’s called) – $199 and up
      iPhone 5 (current 16GB model) – $99
      iPhone “Lite” (plastic 8GB iPhone 5) – $0

      This is a continuation of the existing practice, not a true “low-cost” iPhone. Like the current iPhone 4 that is sold as new, with no two-year contract, it will probably cost $450 or more.

  2. superfake – they would never do a black logo and black type on these colors – hamfisted design. Apple has put a silver logo on everything except for the iPad, which is already silver.

    1. Quite often when I’ve thought Apple would never do something, they eventually do.

      I haven’t liked the sharp-edged design of the iPhone 4 and up, so might just go for this.

  3. I have no doubt these are going to be the biggest selling iPhone Apple has ever made. They may cannibalize sales of the flagship a bit, but then again, better them than Samsung. And better that they sell the current iPhone in a plastic case at a discount, then in the current case at far lower margins. Smart move all around. .

  4. This is great 😉

    Another step, a low visit iPhone for the masses, it will wipe out android .

    I long for the day when I walk into a store and have iPhones be the only choice on the shelf 🙂 this low cost iPhone will force Microsoft out totally, kill blackberry, and kill android,

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