How an Apple iPad and a generous stranger changed a boy’s life

“A 10-year-old autistic boy who relies on an iPad to communicate had heartbreak quickly turn to happiness last week thanks to the generous good deed of a fellow Portland, Oregon resident,” Beth Greenfield reports for Yahoo! Shine.

“The boy, Corbin Murr, who sometimes uses a wheelchair to get around, had his custom-app–packed iPad stolen off his chair last week while he was up and about, playing with his older cousin and caregiver, James Freeman, at a local playground,” Greenfield reports. “‘I felt really bad, you know, because that is his world,’ Freeman explained in a local KGW TV news story about the theft.’That’s his toy he communicates [with], it’s always glued to his hand, he doesn’t like sharing it with other people, and it just keeps him in his own calmness.'”

Greenfield reports, “Luckily, Portlander Charles Turner was watching the news that night. The real estate agent and father of one was so moved by the report that, after a quick discussion with his wife Jenny and their understanding 6-year-old son, he decided to donate one of the family’s three iPads to Murr… Corbin was able to sync the device from Turner with computer downloads of his apps, some of which cost as much as $50 each. For many severely autistic individuals like Corbin, iPad apps — including AAC Speech Buddy, Articulate It, MetaTouch, and Scene and Heard, according to the website Autism Speaks — can be life-changing communication tools. ”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Criminals just don’t have any standards these days. They used to have class. Could you see Bugsy Siegel or Carlo Gambino stealing an iPad off a child’s wheelchair?

  2. The iPad has been an amazing game-changer for so many children and adults that are developmentally challenged and those afflicted with stroke.

    While anyone can benefit from the education apps available on iOS, children with autism spectrum disorder especially have learned how to better connect with their world and communicate with those around them.

    That an unattended iPad was stolen is not surprising; the fact that the iPad was the property of a child with autism (please note, not “autistic”) makes it more reprehensible. But it is heartening to see a story of generosity like this.

    Bravo Mr. Turner, for being a blessing to another human being.

  3. Here’s a better turn: Local strong arm reminds family to turn on
    app that locates the iPad. Sends in his own personal security goons to retrieve the device and capture the thieves. Then invites the kid and his family over to get his iPad back and watch the goons make an impression on the perpetrator(s) why stealing is bad. Big smiles all around, iPhone snapshots; before/after the perpetrator’s “education session”. Pics posted on Mac fan sites.

      1. “Apple Pickers” – a Guardian Angels style vigilante outfit
        formed by Apple to help the cops tackle the rising thefts
        of their igizmos. Cops look the other way as the Pickers take matters into their own hands.
        tagline – “Let’s go squeeze some juice”
        Tim Cook just shrugs his shoulders when he gets tsk tsk’d
        by the Katie Couric and the gals on The View. “well, no one likes their stuff getting swiped.” Constantly has to explain it’s just a show, they don’t really have hired thugs…. though if some would-be thieves think it’s real…. why ruin their suspension of disbelief?

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