Beleaguered BlackBerry fades in fight to be number 3 in mobile phones

“BlackBerry’s chances of becoming a viable contender to Apple Inc. and Google Inc. in the smartphone market are dimming amid lackluster demand for its flagship touch-screen device,” Peter Burrows and Madeline McMahon report for Bloomberg.

“Corporate information-technology departments have long wanted a third alternative to Apple’s iPhones and devices based on Google’s Android operating system, to ensure innovation and price competition,” Burrows and McMahon report. “Yet many businesses are dropping support for BlackBerry as employees flock to touch-screen devices from Apple, Samsung Electronics Co. and others, according to makers of software used by companies to manage smartphones at work.”

Burrows and McMahon report, “That trend was underscored last week when BlackBerry missed analysts’ estimates for phone shipments and profit. Now the Waterloo, Ontario-based company could see further declines as businesses grow more skeptical of its brand, said Bob Tinker, chief executive officer of MobileIron Inc., which makes smartphone-management software used by 5,000 companies. That makes Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone a likelier third option. ‘Most of our customers have been planning to support three mobile operating systems — iOS, Android and either Windows Phone or BlackBerry,’ Tinker said. ‘The recent results indicate that BlackBerry is not going to be the third.'”

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  1. ““Corporate information-technology departments have long wanted a third alternative ”
    From what planet is this guy, NO IT department has awaited for third alternatives, IT guys are usually dinosaurs happy with the crappy alternative they learn to accept like Microsoft and crap berry.
    Users were the ones who brought third party alternatives.

  2. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.

    Fear him not Caesar; he’s not dangerous. He’s a noble Roman and well given.

    If Blackberry is beleaguered, then by virtue of copying BB10’s flat design, is Apple not in danger of following the stylistic designs of the beleaguered into the dustbin of history.

    I hope Apple bites the dust soon and Jonny Ives gets his ass fired for introducing the monstrosity that is iOS 7. We need a few knives in the back of Yond Cassius Ives there.

  3. Uh, stats a little flawed here. Blackberry still has a strong hold on corporate customers, it’s just everyone else that has left the platform. There’s probably a larger user base of Blackberry users in the enterprise than there is Android… I don’t why any IT department would let an employee connect their malware infested Android device to the corporate network? Then again, they did decide to standardize on the dirtiest OS ever created, Windows 95.

  4. Sad seeing Blackberry stumble. Sadder still to see that Microsoft has a possibility to chosen over it. But the saddest of all is to see Samdung rising up from the dungpile of phones.
    I have been to the Cinema three times lately and every single frikken time there is some a-hole 3-4 rows in front spending the whole frikken movie on his GIGANTIC screened Samdung texting, emailing, doing the web etc etc.

    Maybe I am an Apple snob but correct me if I am wrong, do only A-holes buy Samsung?????

  5. I don’t recall companies demanding an alternative for “competitive reasons” when Blackberries were all the rage in corporate America. Now that iPhones are the new standard we must somehow have “options”? Most IT departments want to standardize on the single option that gives them the most control over their workforce. Sadly, finding excuses to avoid Apple’s products continues to be the norm.

  6. > Most of our customers have been planning to support three mobile operating systems — iOS, Android and either Windows Phone or BlackBerry

    If Android is in the mix, they will be supporting more than three, since Android is fragmented into MANY sub-platforms.

    But in any case, Blackberry might as well be dead already.

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