Apple iPhone No. 1 in customer satisfaction in South Korea

“Apple’s products are renowned around the world for quality, but now the company’s iPhone has achieved yet another milestone: it has taken the top spot for customer satisfaction in South Korea the home country of Apple’s chief rival, Samsung,” AppleInsider reports.

“Quality Insights released its most recent report on customer satisfaction within the South Korean smartphone market, and Apple beat out Samsung according to Naver,” AppleInsider reports. “The report surveyed 44,168 smartphone owners to see how they would rate their satisfaction with both the device’s performance over the course of one year and the manufacturer’s customer service over that same period.”

AppleInsider reports, “Apple’s devices typically sit atop or near the top of customer satisfaction surveys year after year. The bestselling handset has won J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction nine times in a row, with its score so high that it actually pulled up the average of the entire smartphone industry.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Better dip back into your slush fund, Sammy.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. It’s more like socialism FAILs so good.

      To be realistic: North Korea is one of history’s severest socialism FAILs. The effort went so poorly that the place reverted into a feudalist state with privileged overlords and dire poor peon peasants. Karl Marx would shoot himself in the head if he saw this catastrophe in action.

    2. Public transportation, police, fire departments, and state parks are 100% socialist, mind you. Picking the craziest totalitarian nation on Earth as your only example of socialism is extreme – and I’d say misleading.

      1. “Public transportation, police, fire departments, and state parks are 100% socialist, mind you.”

        However, a HUGE difference exists between the two examples.

        In socialist societies the government takes from the producers (business), as BOT clearly pointed out. The BIG difference is to add taxpayers to the fleecing list in a free society. Some may not pay income tax, but certainly at the pump and stores, etc. The very same workers socialism was designed to relieve.

        Socialism: Great idealism, great reality failure. Only a theoretical success in a liberal arts classroom and some smoky minds.

        In addition, let’s not forget taxpayers, of all ages and income levels in a free society that cannot escape paying the public sector union pigs feeding at the government trough …

        1. Okay… things in Cuba aren’t that bad, from what I hear. A friend of mine actually visited Cuba earlier this year and she enjoyed the trip overall. Wikipedia says their people have a high life expectancies and literacy rates and their number one industry is tourism. I’m sure even you have heard how great Cuba’s healthcare system is, especially compared to ours in America. And Cuban sandwiches are delicious. They do have a lot of poor people and crappy bathrooms, so it’s far from paradise, but no place is perfect.

    1. No doubt there will be some further peaks on the ride, but the valleys will be ever deeper. I doubt they’ve cut the tracks at the end of the ride. But it does make for a nicely imagined terminal ending of this clown show. :mrgreen:

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