Revolutionary: Apple’s new MacBook Air is a game changer

“The new MacBook Air is the first mainstream laptop to have truly pushed the boundaries on battery life; and we were as curious as you might be as to just how impactful a battery life of 12+ hours would be on someones life,” Zee reports for TNW.

“I put the word out and received responses from 7 people agreeing to share their thoughts,” Zee reports. “No one was turned away, bar one person who only had the Air for a day.”

Key Takeaways:
• Battery life matches Apple’s claims
• Everyone was very pleased with battery life
• Battery Life dramatically improved on previous versions
• The increase is considered game changing to their every day life by many
• Reduced use of iPad / iPad Mini by many
• Many will now decide to leave charger at home

Advertisement: Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air dual-core Intel Core i5 1.3GHz (Haswell processor), Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 5000, with OS X Mountain Lion. Only $1,094.00

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. I know many people personally that will always carry a charger and think they must plug it in every single time they use the laptop computer. It is beyond them to consider a battery being trustworthy regardless of how many hours it is capable of running.

  2. It’s definitely a game changer. I’m not sure if I ever would’ve purchased an iPad if the Air had such strong battery life from jump.

    The question becomes what’s stopping Apple from making an OS X tablet if they can now get that kind of juice with an Intel processor?

    1. OS X isn’t designed around touch. Everything from double-tapping icons, to drag-and-drop, to simple stuff like copy/paste. It doesn’t make sense to force a traditional desktop OS designed for a keyboard and mouse into touch. To see what a desktop OS looks like when you try to make it into a touch OS, just take a look at the disaster that Windows has become.

  3. I found it hard to read past the phrase ‘impactful’.

    I was just waiting for him to say he had ‘reached out’ to Apple at some point (rather than going through the mundane, sooooo yesterday process of ‘contacting’).

  4. ‘guess is was asking too much to keep “revolutionary” and “game changer” on the shelf much longer. Even in the absence of actual revolution and game-angaficationalismalizationism.

  5. Speaking as one who has permanent damage to their shoulders from carrying around old laptops and chargers I have to say I am totally in awe of the new MBA. We never got flying cars but we did get fantastic thin, fast laptops with incredible battery life.

    1. Huh? While it might have a new battery, that’s not why it gets such great battery life… The new CPU and GPU are mainly responsible for it. There’s also faster Flash storage and faster networking. It’s updated with newer components, which does make it a NEW model.

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