Avalanche of revised iOS 7 icons surface at U.S. and Canadian patent offices

“An avalanche of new Apple iOS 7 icon trademark applications have been published in both the US and Canadian IP Offices today,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“On Saturday we reported on Apple’s new iOS 7 FaceTime icon trademark filing and stated that ‘due to Apple’s redesigned iOS 7 UI going flat, many icons will have to be updated with the US Patent and Trademark Office in the coming months,'” Purcher reports. “Well, two days later and an avalanche of new iOS 7 icon trademark filings popped up in both the US and Canada.”

In the full article, Purcher reports, “you’ll find 6 jumbo icon examples that were filed in the US for ‘Camera, Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Mail and Compass.'”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. I was seriously hoping these were not going to be the actual icons and the final version of iOS 7 wouldn’t look so bad. The safari icon is the ugliest icon I’ve seen.

    1. that safari icon is the only one i really don’t like. i can handle the rest of them. i wish the greens weren’t quite as bright, but i can even live with that. but safari, man….that white border… what are they thinking?

      1. So you’re saying that anyone offering constructive criticism is a regressive, change-resistant, close-minded fool? That must be very convenient for you.

        1. Or, anyone expressing dislike for the new icons is a conservative and anyone expressing like is a progressive.

          Here is a small dose of ‘constructive criticism.’ Several of my liberal artist friends do not like them, mainly because they either have been done before (ex: photo) or they too closely match Windows and Android. More me-too design and not something truly original. The Photos icon is one the most confusing, glad the linked article included a label. Looks like flowers or clear candy.

          Thin and bland is on the way …

      2. And most liberals hate anything tried, true, traditional, and reliable; for (in their minds) progress can be found only in the experimental, the search for a utopian paradise that does not exist, nor will it ever.

        To a progressive, the greatest enemy of the good is the perfect. A secular paradise, no matter its cost, is the goal. Anything short of that–no matter how solid and workable–is failure.

    2. Same wishful thinking here.

      Safari icon reminds me of a spinning big prize wheel at the State Fair. I just don’t see browser or internet. Compass points to the Northeast with direction letters in a square arrangement, look OK, bit odd. Maps looks like the only design that survived staying truest to illustrative original. Woohoo! Calculator keeps the same basic look, flattened and thinned down, yet immediately recognizable. Same with settings, but the wheel arrangement is centered differently. Passbook lost visual understanding and now horizontal icon concept. The linear lame look is iBooks, reminders and camera 1950s style. Wonder if they got one out of a Dover clip art book or Webdings font.

      Other icon designs do not echo the originals, not one particle. Completely redesigned into abstract concepts that will be an initial chore to grasp. Photos and game center to name two, ugh. Was hoping they stayed closer to the original designs and upgraded them in a flatter style. Excellent example: contacts and already mentioned settings and calculator.

      Roughly count three levels of icon redesign here. Certainly not as visually CONSISTENT compared to Steve’s skeuomorphism tighter cohesive look.

      My two cents … 🙂

  2. Design is not decoration. The old icons humor old people’s fear of change. Design is not imitating old outdated technology. Design is integrity. Form follows function. Move into the future. Don’t hide in the past.

  3. It seems strange that Apple would choose an old style camera for the Photos icon when the iPhone is the world’s most popular camera. Shouldn’t it be an icon with the iconic iPhone on it instead?

    1. I prefer the new icon for the Camera app. The old one reminds me too much of the staring paranoiac AI, HAL 9000. Besides, the new one is similar to the lock screen camera icon already in use. And it looks like nothing other than a camera.

    2. You really think that would work? Seriously? Just because the most photos taken around the world are done using the camera on a phone, you actually think the camera app should have an icon of a phone on it?
      Your inability to think through the consequences of such a situation would be almost funny, if it wasn’t so tragic.

      1. It wouldn’t be very easy to identify the function if they used an iPhone as the symbol. I accepted the old symbol and am used to it but it seems ironic that they are getting rid of those skeuomorphic features and then introduce this old style camera that youngsters will have difficulty identifying with.

    1. I am truly sorry for you that you grew up in the slums without proper parenting and education. Your point is obscured by your foul language and despising attitude. Try again please.

  4. These icons are not the best, and —at some point, if not now—Apple ought to define itself some icons that are truly remarkable, which define for everyone greatness.

    Maybe I’m thinking like the 80s/90s, but icons may be just as important in defining the technology now as they were then.

    Why couldn’t Apple hire a top designer and make these unbeatable?

    It seems like an Apple thing to do.

    I have some small hope that they are at work on something big and what they have now is a transitional step.

  5. Instead of much needed improvements of functionality in iOS we get this BARBIE VOMIT design.

    Tasteless, tacky and just awful.

    This from an Apple fan and user since Apple II.

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