Apple’s new friend is Google’s 2nd worst enemy

“As much as I hate to say it, I’ve been around technology long enough to know that friends become enemies,” Ron McElfresh writes for Mac360.

“The old saying, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend‘ applies to many of Apple’s relationships over the past 30 years,” McElfresh writes. “Apple’s newest online friend could turn out to be Google’s 2nd worst enemy… Apple’s new online friend is Yahoo!, Google’s 2nd worst enemy. 2nd? It’s Apple which prevents Google from owning the entire mobile industry. Apple is all that stands between Google doing to mobile devices what Microsoft did to Apple and the PC industry back in the day.”

McElfresh writes, “What does Yahoo! bring to the table for Apple? Search engine integration. Wait. Isn’t Yahoo!’s search engine really Microsoft’s search engine? See? The technology industry has a strange way of creating bedfellows from former enemies.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Plus, there’s an added bonus:

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)

Big red exercise balls all around!

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  1. I’m sure I’m not the first one to say this, but an eventual buyout of yahoo by apple would be awesome. I think Apple is capable of coming up with a great search engine (no microsoft required), but could really use yahoos data, manpower, and connections that would be required to make a strong effort into the search market. Their cultures are relatively similar, and seem to be getting more similar as time goes on (they seem to like iPhones a whole lot more now). There would be no anti trust issues, as there are bing and google. I don’t think it’s a coincidence we haven’t seen Apple change the name of Spotlight to iSearch.. It makes a lot of sense and I hope it happens.

    1. Although, that sounds like a pretty cool idea. But I like better the idea that a woman is the CEO of a large company. if apple bought them, she might get a strong leader position, but thats it…

      1. Why the hell does gender make a difference? I couldn’t care less about the genitalia of the CEO as long as they are competent. Is it because she looks decent in a tight red dress sitting on a stupid red ball?

        I also really get tired of all the “We need more women in tech” crap some people are constantly spouting. We need more good people in tech period. It doesn’t matter what sex they are.

        It’s like seeing a house burning down and shouting, “We need more pink buckets! Just the pink ones please!”

        I don’t know if Apple buying out yahoo would be a good idea or not but somehow I suspect if they did, Mayer would wind up head of Apple’s Mobile Services Division.

        Thing is yahoo basically sucks right now. Who thinks about yahoo except people who still have email addresses. I suspect the mostly people still running Windows XP. Sorta like people who use AOL.

        I’m looking at the front page of yahoo and it is all celebrity gossip. It’s like TV news. I guess if Kenye West, Alyssa Milano, and Miley Cyrus are your cup of tea this is where you stop before heading over to Perez Hilton’s website.

        As far a search is concerned, it’s just using Bing. You get the exact same results, so avoid crap and go to Bing. It’s a much more attractive site to look at and bottom line the bare bones design of Google (which I heard Mayer was champion of) is still better. Even with the obnoxious ads.

        1. Gender Matters. Period. There is extensive evidence that women make different decisions then men. Even if the only reason is to ‘think different’, I would prefer to see more women in CEO positions because they tend to think longer term than men. Women used to be the only ones who could make decisions in certain native councils. Why?, a curious mind might ask? Because they think 7 generations ahead. They play ‘long ball’, unlike men, who tend to think about the Now only.

        2. I have a different concern. Why is her attractiveness an issue or a “bonus?” This is sexism. Would she be considered less competent or interesting if she weren’t as young and hot? Then again, it was her choice, I assume, to pose for this picture. Of course, I’m sure she knew what she was doing. Jump-starting the company. Getting the blood flowing.

          1. Sexism is when you look at a good looking person and acknowledge their good looks? What a sorry watering down that word has suffered. When my mom graduated with a business degree from college her options for employment were secretary or teacher. THAT was sexism. You have no clue what sexism is.

      2. There have been rumors that Timid Cook wears a skirt because of the way the news media and Wall Street have been pounding Apple from behind. As a shareholder, I’m not all too pleased in hearing this because I’d prefer an in your face, aggressive CEO.

        If there has to be a strong female gender personality leading Apple, then let it be Milla Jovovich or Michelle Rodriguez type of woman.

        I’d like to see Apple join very close forces with Yahoo and/or possibly buy it out because I think search engines are very important and the area isn’t that crowded with large players. But mainly because I’d like to see Google valued a little lower.

    2. If Apple gets into the search engine game, they probably need a name (like Microsoft thought with the name Bing) that can be used as a verb like people say now “Google this” or “Google that”. iSearch works for this although I am partial to Apple’s old “Sherlock” monicker. Combined with Yahoo…Oooo, could get nasty for Google.

      1. They’ve already got the name. Siri. The transitive verb could be “Ask Siri.”

        “How many Lethal Weapon movies were there?”

        “I don’t know. Ask Siri.”

  2. I really don’t like to hear that Apple is dealing with Microsoft, even with Yahoo in the middle. What a terrible situation from my point of view.

      1. MS plays by the rules? Are we talking about the same company who stole just everything from Apple? I had to use PCs for about 20 years, and I really know what I am talking about. I think they never played by the rules.

      1. C++ you are a kill joy! Despite being happily married, I have always enjoyed that picture, now I never will again!

        Oh well, I have always preferred natural beauty with a few imperfections over fake beauty with no imperfections. – Reason I am so happily married = my wife is a natural beauty inside and out! (word of advice: omit mentioning the imperfections, people don’t take it very well)

  3. Gams ahoy! Makes my weekend. Time for a shower, to say the least.
    Thanks APPL holders, it’s been a rough lately I know, we need you, none the less.
    Go Apple!

  4. Marissa has been doing some really good stuff at Yahoo!. At the moment, I would have no problem accepting her as a future CEO at Apple – assuming she got some appropriate Apple culture training and experience there.

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