As Apple eschews Google, Cupertino’s partnership with Yahoo strengthens in iOS 7

“The relationship between Apple and Yahoo has seemingly expanded in the development of iOS 7, strengthening the bond that has existed between the two companies since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“When the first iPhone debuted, Apple had partnered with two key companies to deliver content to users: Google and Yahoo,” Hughes reports. “Now, in 2013, Google is a chief competitor to Apple and has all but disappeared from the built-in iPhone software, while Yahoo’s iOS integration continues to grow.”

Hughes reports, “The new native Weather app, in particular, demonstrates an apparent behind-the-scenes collaboration between the two companies leading up to the unveiling of iOS 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews Take, March 09, 2010

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    1. I set Yahoo as my search engine on all my devices.
      Not Bing, Not Google.

      I agree “walls”, BUT also I am split.

      I still have the CD of Apple internet startup – eWorld –
      a interactive globe; compared to other internet services at the time it was radical and inspiring. But Apple never did well in that area. Sadly I guess it does need a Yahoo sort of – as internet became more about search. Perhaps the Data Farms Apple is building will really appeals to Yahoo if ever a partnership is solidified or an acquisition is made?

      Buying Yahoo may not help either company. Yet I imagine in the long run, Apple would benefit more from the acquisition, by having more control.

      I can also imagine the two companies coexisting in harmony for a good number of years still; as they are presently are. Until, Yahoo gets greedy and pulls a Google-tantrum on Apple and attempts to compete like FaceBook has. Time will tell.

      But all-in-all its great Apple has alliances still like Yahoo.

    2. Americans’ driving their own country down the drains, look how they treats Apple vs Samsung.
      Samsung’s bought media bashing Apple and also calling American investors invest in Korea.. Hedge fund managers hammering AAPL to the bones, . What happened to PATRIOTIC?.

  1. How is Yahoo not just a second rate Google? Yahoo has B-List or C-List players written all over them – look at their email, news, or search web apps and tell me you don’t see it! I’m amazed Yahoo isn’t extinct yet.

    1. Apple stepped in just be for Microsoft killed tried to liquidate and take advantage buying them out. Good thing I guess. And quietly we accepted Apples advice that the world needed competition. And Yahoo remained competitive. Sort of sounds like Androids need in this world or a Samsung – lol – no way.

    2. I have used Yahoo email for many years and it is the best email IMO. I’ve also used Yahoo Messenger, video-chat, and they have the best online news coverage. Google is first rate evil. Yahoo is an excellent service and why Apple partners with them. Duh.

  2. I am pleased with most of Yahoo’s offerings, news, their sports pages, etc., their new iOS Weather app is gorgeous (if not quite as accurate as Weather Underground), and I am glad that they and Apple are pursuing a deeper integration. However, I warn all my friends and relatives to stay away from Yahoo! Mail, after having my account hacked four times in the last three years. It is a known, widespread and ongoing issue with them and no fix appears anywhere in sight.

    Consequently last year I abandoned Yahoo! Mail for Gmail and have never looked back. Gmail has been rock solid and is the only service of theirs that I use regularly.

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