What’s new in OS X 10.9 Mavericks’ Mail 7.0

“What is the difference between OS X Mail 7 and the currently shipping version?” Fairer Platform asks.

“As of this writing, not one heckuva of lot,” FP writes. “However, a Fairer Platform informant has provided some details about what to expect in OS X 10.9 Mavericks Mail 7.0:

• Reply to email with Notifications
• Search for attachments, more
• Share Passbook passes
• Focus Smart Mailboxes on specific accounts

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  1. How about adding a default zoom level. On a 27 inch iMac 12 text too small. This is rapidly becoming the number one Mac complaint I receive!

    In Word or LibreOffice for example you can set the default zoom. In LibreOffice for example, the most popular setting is 130%.

    It would be so nice if users could set the default zoom in Mail. Mail looks nice on a Macbook Pro but on a 27 inch screen 12 point fonts are way too small.

      1. Changing the default zoom increases readability while allowing users to send out emails without using16 point type.

        This is not an issue on the laptops, but it is a Huge issue with people who have paid significant sums for a large screens. They have paid good money to be faced with almost unreadable type. Not a good situation for customer satisfaction. Fortunately, this should be very easy for Apple to implement.

    1. Cook is sitting with a finger up his ass, twiddling his thumbs while Rome burns.

      iOS 7 truly is the ugliest mobile OS ever in the existence of mankind. How that passed QA is a total mystery to me, unless Cook is blind and dumb.

  2. This is not encouraging, not at all.
    Mail has some serious limitations, as does OS X in general. But year after stagnant year goes by and next to nothing changes.

    Let me be blunt: I’m sick of reading about Google rolling out this and that and Samsung’s new whatever, while Apple drags its feet and sits on its cash.

    WAKE UP TIM. Steve’s RDF has worn off and the press is no longer your friend.
    Longtime Apple users are defecting because you’re standing still.

    Aperture is now 2 versions behind Lightroom.
    FCPX is an industry laughingstock.
    Maps STILL has no expressway exit #s and items I told you about in Report a Problem remain missing.
    Siri is still rubbish.
    iOS 7 ripped off so much from android it’s obscene.

    There are 3-man app developers with fresher ideas than you.

    —- Innovate or die. —–

    1. Apple has jumped the shark with iOS 7. It’s a usability nightmare not to mention it looks like the musings of a child’s crayon drawing. No class, no taste and definitely no aesthetics.

      1. IOS 7 is different, but far from the disaster you proclaim. I am using the beta right now on my iPad to write this. Of course, I embrace change as a chance to broaden ones experience level. Surprisingly, the beta is quite stable with only a few glitches. It does look different, but so do most new cars year to year. Maybe you should get off your high horse and actually try it?

    2. … this is about MAIL 7, not iOS 7.
      While I am personally annoyed that iWork has been ignored for so long, it’s still better than Office for Mac. Better in usability and better for refresh rate.
      Frequently the best “fresh ideas” come from really small groups rather than larger ones. Apple’s lucky they still get any to bubble up at all!

    3. The brilliant virtue Apple has is patience. While everyone else “innovates”, dishing out half baked crap, Apple waits for the timing to be right. Of course minus maps and siri but that overseer is long gone.

      1. Yes, but it’s so dull. The performance boosts are the only reason I can see for switching to Mavericks — which, however, is a relief after the Lion and Mountain Lion disasters. I don’t find Mail any easier to use than in the past, in fact it’s a lot harder due to the undifferentiated fields and ground (buttons and surfaces). Nor does the iOS like interface make use more rewarding. Not a disaster, just a slow-leaking rowboat that needs constant bailing.

  3. Hey Finger, Geddy, and Moron,
    I’m so sorry you have to wait like 2 seconds in your life for the things you feel you deserve from apple. We get it you don’t like Tim Cook. Whatever. Now please go troll somewhere else. That is all.

    1. My dear chap, I have been using Apple gear since OS 6, so you can take your juvenile ‘troll’ epithet and cram it.
      I did not say I didn’t like TC. (And, who are the “we”??)

      Fact: Mail in OS X has been languishing for years now, and it’s not alone. Contacts, Calendar, Aperture, iPhoto, Image Capture, Finder, Preview, and even Stickies, all are in desperate need of a refresh having taken a back seat to the money machine that is iOS.

      Look at the headline to your left my benighted friend, Google just surpassed Apple in enterprise value. Apple is in very real danger, not of necessarily losing out to sharper competitors, but losing something more valuable – its reputation for innovation.

  4. I wish Apple would fill in the whole rectangle with a light hue color of the flag color options instead of that ridiculous little flag that is so easy to zip by as you use that smooth scrolling going down all your message…

  5. I’d like to see Mail improved. It has been steadily going down hill for a number of years. Google Gmail is much, much better but I won’t use it. C’mon Apple, you have to do better than this. You have an infinite amount of money, resources and employees. There is no excuse. None.

  6. I would way rather use Apple Mail than logon to Google Mail. Google Mail to be seems to be a confusing mess of functions even if it can do something abetted than Apple Mail.

    As for iOS 7, our family watched the keynote an all of us loved the new interface and can’t wait for it. As with all major changes, some people struggle when their “cheese” gets moved.

  7. There must be something wrong with me- I’ve been pretty much happy with Mail since day one. Before that, I used Claris Emailer (which, I’ll have to admit, I still miss), and Mail was the only thing that came close. I access every single one of my accounts, including Gmail and Yahoo, using Mail as a single client, which is my preferred email setup, as I particularly hate webmail interfaces. Setting up Mail is about as simple as it can be these days, it’s still able to access POP accounts, and it hasn’t exhibited any serious bugs to me, at least. I could natter and pick at the screwy-morphism it still does (like the pile of letters seen when many are selected) but otherwise and IMHO it’s a go-to client.

    1. Agreed, but that was the case in 2008 when Leopard came out. It’s a usable interface but actually very labor intensive, to make sense for example of search outputs. Or to discriminate among different mail with different characteristics and/or writers/destinations. Go-to possibly, I prefer it to Gmail also, but just being better than the forced idea that is Gmail is hardly an endorsement for Mail.

  8. Mail does need fixing. The font text size problem is constantly overlooked. Why is it third party plugins are required to fix these issues?
    C’mon Apple! Fix Mail in Mavericks!!!

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