ABI Research: Apple will score $18 billion of the $27 billion app market this year

ABI Research projects the mobile app market will value at $27 billion in 2013, as mobile apps continue to be a critical factor in the battle between the mobile OS. BlackBerry and Windows are slowly augmenting their apps catalogue as they compete for the 3rd ecosystem, but are still distantly behind Apple and Android.

“iOS continues to lead the way, and the OS is projected to generate over two-thirds of the revenues for smartphone and tablet apps in 2013,” says senior analyst Josh Flood, in a statement. “Although Google’s Android OS recently surpassed Apple in terms of total app numbers, iOS users continue to prove they’re more willing to depart with their cash. The revenue gap between the two leading OSes looks unlikely to close over the next 18 months.”

An interesting aspect of the mobile app market is revenues generated by smartphone versus tablets. Thus far, app revenues generated from smartphones have significantly dwarfed app revenues from tablets. However, tablet revenues are quickly catching up and it is projected tablet app revenues will overtake smartphones by 2017. The inclination for tablet users to pay more for apps than their smartphones because of the larger screen size and better user experience for gaming and reading are the primary drivers.

These findings are part of ABI Research’s Mobile OS, Browsers and Applications Research Service. The Market Data product presents ABI Research’s forecasts on the amount of revenue generated by native mobile applications and device types for all the major regions and key countries. The revenue sources considered are: pay-per download (provided separately for books); subscription; in-app purchase; and in-app advertising.

Source: Allied Business Intelligence, Inc.

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  1. And how much of the app market will Samsung score? A big fat ZERO! No app revenue for you, Samedung, ’cause you’re just a box assembler.

    There’s only one company that owns “the whole widget.”

  2. They will spend at least 3 billion to make iOS 8 even more HIDIOUS than 7.

    And the font will be 3 points thinner and smaller to make sure no one can read anything anymore.


    1. why such a little turd? looking for your mommy scratching your nuts and drinking large sums of coke in a basement? life can be better if you move out of your parents house! we do feel for you and hope for the best.

  3. Tablet apps sales and usage will surpass phone apps. And water is wet.

    SJ said it in 2007, on the phone, the killer app is … Making calls. That’s why people buy a phone in the first place.

    Presumably, the killer app on an iPod is music.

    For tablets, running apps IS the primary purpose, so it stands to reason that apps purchases on tablets will surpass all other mobile divices.

    The phone’s primary pupose also explains why there are so many Android phones snd so little app usage on them. Most people wanting a simple feature phone are given smart android phones but have no particular need for android per se. Buyers of iPhones make a much more deliberate and concious decision

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