Apple’s iPad mini to finally launch in Brazil on June 25

“The iPad mini will go on sale in Brazil on Tuesday, June 25. Macworld Brasil posted the news on Friday, saying the tablet will show up at retailers like FNAC, Fast Shop, and Saraiva,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“Brazilian pricing for the device has yet to be revealed,” Bostic reports.

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. These missing markets are why Android, Google and Samsung have been able to keep their market share numbers up. Ex. 67% of China uses China Mobile and Apple hasn’t got a contract with them yet. However, the iPhone has 9% market share. 9% of 33% is 27% market share of the market the iPhone is in. Tim Cook said in January that China will be a bigger market for Apple than the USA. When the iPhone has 27% of the missing 67%, what will Samsung’s market share be? Reality, don’t look at that talking heads. Look after it happens like BlackBerry did in Canada and Nokia in Finland. Is the iPad story just like the iPhone with Apple’s halo?

    So, what is Apple’s market share in the markets that Apple is in?

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