Watch Apple co-founder Woz on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live (with video)

In advance of the upcoming film “Jobs,” in which he is portrayed by actor Josh Gad, tonight Steve Wozniak will join the program with his traditional brand of candid humor, and wide-reaching perspective.

Having joined with the late Steve Jobs to found Apple in the late 1970s, the man who boasts “engineers first” as part of his Twitter profile, “Woz” is expected to offer his thoughts on everything from the NSA’s data-mining program, to the recent birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, whom he visited in the hospital over the weekend.

Source: CNN

MacDailyNews Note: Updated 10:10am EDT with video of Woz’s appearance.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Lynn W.” and “AppleShops” for the heads up.]


  1. I have always had great respect for the Woz, but it has be come diminished with this insight that he has any kind of relationship with Kanye. maybe this is why Kanye thinks he is the next Steve Jobs.

  2. engineers are like sugar water salesman, they just wan to talk about widgets while the rest of us are crying/gawking at the mona lisa – trust a bean counter like you trust an art critic, it’s only human nature.

    1. Drive across the East River without Roebling. Float through two oceans without the Panama Canal. View the Great Pyramids of Cheops. Engineers aren’t “sugar water salesmen.” However, you are an idiot.

  3. Guys guys show some respect ..after all it’s Da “Apple I Appe II” Wozzman we are talking about here, wouldn’t be any Apple without him

    I say give Wozzie a place in the board and if/when he does a good job then promote him to the chairman.

    1. Sorry, no. There are a million Wozniaks in this world. He’s a smart, capable engineer but he was not the innovator, as is evidenced by his post Apple career. There was only one Steve Jobs. He would have created Apple with whomever he found to be his engineer.

    2. Wozzifan, so you say “give Wozzie a place in the board”

      Are you sure you don’t mean appointment to some form of “Apple Hall of Fame” where fans like you can go pay homage?

      Remember this article in MDN?

      Woz on Microsoft Surface: ‘Steve Jobs came back reincarnated at Microsoft’

      An individual of the calibre required to serve as a Board member of a listed company, let alone Apple, should not be prone to such gaffs and bout of desperate self-agrandisation. And such individual would be very well connected and conversant with the corporation today and not reliant on some tenious engagement some 35yrs ago.

    1. Yep!

      Morgan is nothing more than a non-citizen piece of trash who is making tons of greenbacks and as he calls us all idiots and barks about how we should adopt a nanny state.

      He should be deported. Absolute filth of a human being.

    2. And will Woz be arrested for counterfeiting? That was weird, right? He takes up valuable time on CNN to promote counterfeit $2 bills? Just uninteresting and weird.

  4. I think anyone here bashing him is because of the many times in the past that he’s been mindlessly negative about Apple.

    It just seems that every time Apple is going through a new rough patch in the media, he pops his head up to help fuel the fire.

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