U.S.A. v. Apple: Things are looking up for Apple as e-book trial concludes

“It may be telling that before the case went to trial the Department of Justice thought it would need 30 hours to prove that Apple (AAPL) had conspired with five book publishers to raise the price of e-books, while Apple’s lawyers only wanted 27 hours to defend their client,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “The two sides settled on 29 hours apiece.”

“But after three weeks of testimony — and with summations scheduled for Thursday — Apple said it needed two and half hours to make its closing arguments while the DOJ thought 90 minutes would suffice,” P.E.D. reports. “It was as if Apple wanted to luxuriate in a well-constructed defense, and the government couldn’t wait to walk away from a case that hadn’t gone its way.”

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      1. Keep in mind the Apple was innocent but publishers did use apple to raise prices. That is not in dispute and they should have paid far more.

        I also wish Apple sould sue the publishers and DOJ to get its legal fees back.

  1. Just to remind everyone before the Obama-bashing begins: the great majority of MDN readers live in states where the local Attorney General has filed a similar suit against Apple. At least half of those Attorneys General are Republicans. The suits are bad law, but they don’t reflect partisan politics.

  2. I wonder should all things go the way they should (i.e. Apple is found innocent) if the Amazonian gorilla will be targeted or not. It might be on the endangered species list or something.

  3. Obama administration: all bark and no bite. I’m sure giving weapons to those hardcore Islamists in Syria will go over about as well as this case.

    The Rand Paul presidency can’t get here soon enough.

    1. Rand Paul Presidency? You can’t be serious, though if you are, care to share why he would get the vote of those population segments that don’t vote Republican in any appreciable numbers, such of the vote that Republicans transitionally don’t? Such as Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, women in general, and so on.

      1. Nah, his momma found out about all the dirty words he used and took away his computer for a week. She also notified his principal, so he won’t be able to use his junior high school’s computers.

  4. Bunch of you already say Apple wins. Based on what? Some guy thinks 90 minutes indicates the gov knows it is a lost cause. You know it might be the gov thinks it is a win and Apple wants some extra time to beg for mercy. It seems a little early for celebrating. Just saying.

  5. My thoughts are that Apple did nothing wrong or illegal, but we’re dealing with the government here. Reasonableness is not the State’s middle name, so I have no positive feelings or expectations about the outcome of this.

    I’m trying to be as pessimistic as possible to avoid being disappointed/enraged by a possible anti-Apple verdict.

    Regardless of the judge’s decision, I expect it to be appealed.

  6. Apple was not singled out in this case remember the book publishers settled. Apple was determined to prove they did nothing wrong but the same cannot be said for the book publishers, hence the reason they settled. The DOJ was obviously prodded by the likes of Amazon and Google to protect their future positions and probably knowing very well that Apple would not settle, Amazon and Google essentially decided to press Apples legal team hoping for probably some relief on the patent front. I hope the DOJ sees it’s way towards punishing Amazon and Google but they should have been more thorough in their research before bringing the case to trial. The real culprits in my opinion, the publishers are guilty of collusive behavior but they settled for pennies on the dollar while the DOJ glared too droolingly at Apple’s deep pockets and Steve Jobs unsent emails before checking if they really had a case. In other words they wanted Apple to be guilty. Wanting it and being able to prove it are on different ends of the scale beam.

  7. After following all this the problem to me seem to be Apple’s 30% cut or Amazon’s subsidising of E-books which makes other outlets none competitive. And it can’t be illegal so subsidising things and it can not be illegal for publisher to set ther own prices even if that would mean higher prices… And I don’t think Apple wanted to rise e-book prices even though that would have been the outcome. The main problem probably is that amazon is selling books subsidised and therefor ebook prices are artificially low.

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