Apple testing deep LinkedIn integration for iOS 7

“Apple is testing deep LinkedIn integration for the upcoming release of iOS 7, according to code-based references found inside of the first beta of iOS 7,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“The code points to a single-sign-on system, similar to how iOS integrates Facebook and Twitter, for LinkedIn accounts,” Gurman reports. “The references also indicate that users will be able to easily post content, such as Web links, to LinkedIn via a share-sheet or through iOS applications.”

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Gurman reports, “It is currently uncertain if Apple plans to continue to develop LinkedIn integration for iOS 7, or if it will be a feature that simply vanishes after internal testing. ”

Read more, and see screenshots, in the full article here.


  1. that would be great, especially for sharing professional details. instatly have all your professional contacts in addressbook and calendar with their linked in pictures.

  2. This is a sign that Apple is growing up with its platform.

    iPhones and iPads in business today are simply the norm at business meetings and lunches. Blackberry’s are still here with buttons for people who want them, but a lot of those people also carry an iPhone.

    1. I’m not sure what kind of use you were hoping to get out of LinkedIn as a farmer anyway…

      For people in the -real- business world, especially on the markets outside the West, LinkedIn is actually pretty critical…

  3. LinkedIn’s own iOS app pissed off a lot of people by raiding the contacts on your iPad or iPhone and matching them up against its own database. Let’s hope privacy prevails in any integrated LinkedIn feature.

    1. But yes. I think this is good for Apple. Deep integration with services like this is a great idea. I was against it and thougt Apple was almost insane when I heard Apple was integrating Twitter into OS X. I thought it was a very bold nice so very unlike Apple too. His ever integrating Twitter and FB was probably the smartest things they have done in years.

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