Samsung CEO: ‘Patent disputes against Apple will continue’

“Samsung CEO J.K. Shin had a lot to say this week, reassuring investors that the company’s latest flagship smartphone is indeed selling well, while at the same time dismissing the notion that the company is anywhere close to détente with its chief rival, Apple,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“Samsung’s stock dropped six percent last week when a J.P Morgan report warned investors that sales of its recently launched Galaxy S4 smartphone could fall short of expectations,” Bostic reports. “‘I can say sales of the Galaxy S4 smartphone are fine. It’s been selling well,’ Shin told reporters after meeting with executives from Samsung’s partners.”

Bostic reports, “Shin also commented on Samsung’s ongoing worldwide patent struggle with Apple, saying that Samsung has no plans to relent or concede. ‘Patent disputes against Apple will continue,’ Shin said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whatever, thief.


  1. The latest dumb Samsung commercial I’ve seen, highlighting a feature that answers the phone when you wave your hand over the phone (what?), and another feature that seems to imply that the phone’s camera is ALWAYS turned ON and watching YOU (scary). I guess the touching phones to transfer data thing was a bust.

    Samsung… Specializing in gimmickry and mimicry.

    1. All in all, Samsung’s handsets never did so well
      until Samsung used Google’s Android.

      Meaning, that is a “half baked” stolen product they got.

      Google Android is going to version 5.
      That should never have occurred.
      The real threat, as always, has been Android.

      This should shows (in legal disputes) how IMPORTANT the software (the operating system) is. And how Apple has said all this time, the complete PRODUCT is the combination of SOFTWARE and HARDWARE – together making the innovating solution – the product. And how the product looks, acts, feels and is used was ripped off both in Software and Hardware. Even a “light bulb” or “film” had better protection long ago when it was invented and innovated on.

      Android continues to live. That is wrong.
      Apple should have attacked Google with a much more forceful plan and focused on Android – later go after the design from Samsung.

      Now Android pretty much offers more then iOS and Apple plays catch-up. Android will change and evolve and leave behind the trails of what it copied… the lines where Android was stolen will fade and Apple shall never have opportunity to change that. Its far too late now. iOS 7 – the new BEGINNING, ugh… what your real beginning was not a well thought out plan? The new beginning expresses defeat, falling behind in improvements. The design philosophy for hardware and remaining true to the aesthetics and principles of deign as a slow evolving process… sounds fine and Ives retains that well. The slow and evolving iOS1 to 6 has also been the case.
      iOS7 and iPHONE 7 (yes seven) skip the 4S and 5s – just name it properly – so both iOS7 and iPhone 7 best match RADICAL changes – so far iOS7 doesn’t go far enough. It would is Apple truly put SIRI far ahead and pushed VOICE UI more – to differentiate the similarities. No more TOUCH interface make it an all ‘Voice’ entirely driven device. Get going on change Apple.

      It sure looks like Windows vs Macintosh all over again.

  2. I will never ever buy a Samsung product again, unless its a TOILET. Thats the only reason I want to use a Samsung Product. To Piss and Sh*t on it!!!

  3. I think Samsung has to no choice but to keep going because stopping now will mean confirmation of “defeat” which will bring “shame” to Korean Samsung culture.

  4. Talking about Samsung’s culture which means Asian Culture in general, they don’t think out of the box, therefore they don’t have ability to innovate, but they have ability to imitate very well.

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