New iPad App lets iPad users control, snap photos from high-powered telescope

“A new iPad app allows anyone around the world to take telescope photos of celestial objects from the comfort of a couch,” Miriam Kramer reports for

“The online Slooh Space Camera — an organization that hosts live views and webcasts of cosmic sights from a network of international telescopes — has created an app that allows users to command and control their robotic network of space cameras,” Kramer reports. “Space fans that download the app can ‘command a mission’ to any object they find on a sky chart. Slooh’s professional telescopes will take a photo of the cosmic sight, providing the user with a time, date and observatory-stamped image that will be loaded into the digital skywatcher’s personal app.”

Kramer reports, “Slooh’s iPad app is free to download, but commanding a mission costs $1.99 or more. The app also contains information about the various celestial objects that users can investigate on the interactive sky chart. iPad users can also watch Slooh’s live webcasts featuring live space views and expert commentary.”

Read more in the full article here.

More info and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


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