Hands-on with Apple’s new MacBook Air: True all-day battery life

“Ever since buying the first-generation 11-inch MacBook Air three years ago, my wish has been two-fold: make it faster and make it last longer between charges,” JP Mangalindan writes for Fortune.

“Apple took care of the performance issues in 2011, when it switched to a faster Intel processor. Paired with flash-based storage, apps launched briskly and zipped along,” Mangalindan writes. “Still, battery life remained a sore point for reviewers and critics. The company claimed the Air could get 5 hours in-between charges. In reality, with features like Wi-Fi turned on and brightness near maximum, battery life sometimes fell short, running for as little as 3 hours before having to shut down.”

Mangalindan writes, “With the 2013 11-inch MacBook Air, little has changed on the outside — it’s still the same svelte aluminum body — but Apple now promises what road warriors have wanted all along: all-day battery life. The 13-inch model is rated at 12 hours, and the 11-incher at 9. That’s 4-plus hours more than the previous Airs… My review unit is a $1,199 11-inch MacBook Air with 1.3GHz dual-core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of flash storage. So far? It’s running like advertised. Apps launch, windows churn, and high-definition video all run a bit noticeably faster. With Wi-Fi on, the display’s brightness cranked all the way up, keyboard illuminated, and a few apps open like Spotify and Evernote, the MacBook Air’s battery indicator read 8.5 hours of charge left; with brightness ratcheted down to 3/4, the Air predicted 9.5 hours.”

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    1. I would have liked a retina screen – but for me a long battery life is more important. If it were a choice between a 12-hour battery and a 5-7 hour battery with a retina screen, for my needs I would choose a 12 hour battery.

      No doubt in the future, both will be available – but technology limitations at present probably do not permit it.

      1. Could not agree more, can’t not wait any longer this one is a sale for Apple. If I real need Retina I just get a Macbbook Pro. We are atleast two to three product cycles before Air books with retina with good battery life appears. Them come the big question what will it cost?

        1. Actually, they seem to be referring to either daylight hours or work day. In any case, you would never have a 24 hour battery because even if it lasts a month at least one or two of those hours will have to be plugged in to recharge.

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