Apple releases 10-minute video: ‘Making a difference. One app at a time.’ (with video)

Apple today released a new video entitled “Making a difference. One app at a time.”

Helicopter steadycam footage, vehicle-mounted shots, Kenya, Virginia, Inuvik, New Jersey even… the whole ball of wax – it’s a very well-produced, likely fairly expensive industrial video.

Apple’s accompanying description reads:

Each iOS app offers remarkable — and often delightful — possibilities. But the most powerful iOS apps ever are ones that change people’s lives in ways they never imagined.


  1. While Microsoft and Samsung make commercials with fools dancing around some POS device, Apple makes an ad like this.

    Wow! As Breeze said: Proud to be a Apple Fanboy.

    1. Really, this showcases earnest, passionate developers. It’s not really an ad but a love letter to these people and, in a curious way, a call to action. It also takes pains to inject deeper meaning into the glib phrase “mobile computing” by emphasizing remoteness, privation, and constraints unthinkable to those of us handicapped only by our personal cloud of me-ness.

      The corporation disappears from the narrative almost entirely except as an almost abstract enabling mechanism for the people helping and being helped. One subliminal message is “we made these tools, and you did these things with them.” In one form or another, that’s been Apple’s mantra from, well, the beginning. Good to see them staying the course.

        1. NOTE to the Above:

          As posted by Nuvs, the “Making a difference. One app at a time” appeared last year and is available on YouTube, and is the one currently on Apples international sites.

          Funny how age affects the mind. I now recall seeing it last year. I find this year’s production more poignant and based on the advancements in the iOS we are now seeing, I expect next years accomplishments even more so.

      1. Out of sight…out of mind.

        Apple could well do their selves and ourselves a service by using each segment of the videos as 1-2 minute TV commercials.

        As evidenced here, even, we, the most Apple supporters, have learned something today. And, having and still am specializing in healthcare, there are a lot of folks that aren’t aware how the iPad could help them get out behind the doors that they are closing them in.

        As such, I personally am forwarding both video links* to friends and colleagues as I speak.


  2. Apple should make many more of these. They help people understand what apps do for people. And, at the same time, they demonstrate that the iPad does far more than just let teens watch the latest flicks. I’m sure that there are hundreds of other apps that offer similarly important benefits to people – ones that the general public, not exposed to them, should learn about.

  3. The “Making a Difference” video was created for this week’s WWDC conference. It was originally posted on Monday at

    The first segment highlights my company, Skyscape, and a non-profit we helped launch, Health eVillages. As you can imagine, it’s very gratifying to have Apple recognize the efforts of our company & others in such an emotional video.

    Apple has been doing this for three years now, starting in 2011 with the “iPad: Year One” video and last year with the same title, “Making a Difference. One App at a Time.” In both cases the video was shown during the keynote, but apparently this year there wasn’t enough time.

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