U.S. Senator McCain thanks Apple CEO Tim Cook for iOS 7’s automatic app updates

“I’m out of time, but what I really wanted to ask was why the hell I have to keep updating apps on my iPhone all the time and why you don’t fix that?” U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) asked Apple CEO Tim Cook during a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations over offshore profits and U.S. corporate taxes last month.

“Sir, we’re trying to make them better all the time,” Cook replied, with a smile.

Today, Cook unveiled iOS 7, billed by Apple as “the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone.” One of the many new features and improvements included in the release will be – ta-da! – automatic app updates.

Senator McCain tweeted his approval thusly:


  1. I know for sure that MacCain has lovely daughter that holds progressive stance on many key issues. MacCain himself is politician, so he has lost his outright honesty (as any politician) and might be wrong about many things, but deep inside he is not bad person.

    1. Joking aside, I think MacCain is not inherently malicious person, unlike Richard Cheney, for example — even though their positions on most of issues match.

      1. You are a fucking bitch and a homo. As long as they agree with your pathetic liberalism, you like them. Fuck you, fuck McCain, Fuck Megan MccAin, and fuck liberalism. Asswipe.

  2. The spirit of Steve is alive and well with the automatic app updates. I can see him implementing such a move, not giving one shit about the few people complaining when the vast majority of us love the idea. When they showed the App Store icon with the badge number, I laughed with relief like everyone else in the audience thinking “Finally, no more of that crap.”

  3. McCain has suffered more than most for us, and I don’t doubt a sense of patriotism in him, but his apparent beef with civil liberties bothers me. I voted for him in 2008, but support for the secret police like he has is why I’m personally never buying Apple (Gestapo) hardware (spyware) again, not until we replace everyone in all 3 branches with those who value the bill of rights over fear.

      1. Let’s assume Apple didn’t know Apple gave Big Brother the keys to our privacy. I haven’t heard anything from Apple against this, so its a safe to bet this invasion of privacy won’t change, tools. Then the fix has to come from the head of the snake, government.

        1. I am not quite sure what exactly are you suggesting. Your message implies that you are leaving Apple, presumably for Android, over privacy concerns. Unless something is lost in the translation, that is the most absurd notion out there — implying that Apple’s products raise greater privacy concerns than Android (or any other competing platform). Anyone living on this planet for five days can quickly understand the depth of privacy violations on Google’s eco-system.

          If even Apple is “Gestapo”, you will have to give up ALL current communication tools (including analogue wired phone) in order to protect your privacy.

    1. Tell me you aren’t that stupid. ALL these companies involved in communication, be it data carriers, OS creators, software services, etc. have data that is mined. Some more than others. Apple has been one of the companies that has attempted not to share when possible.

      Hope you aren’t using anything Google or have an ID on Facebook either. It’s safest for you to just use a string and 2 cups as hardware for a complete spyware-free experience. I recommend Solo cups, they are more high tech looking than the soup can method, and you get a choice of colors.

      1. I guess so. I thought my iDevices weren’t hacked as Androids are. If I were to carry iDevices like the iphone or iwatch, I could now see NSA controlling sensors like camera, mic, GPS, Bluetooth, etc, catching all my life. Apple keeps innovating with hotter features like fingerprint/eyescan files, keychains in the cloud, and automatic updates. Just like being a little pregnant, this invasion of privacy would just grow. Steve Jobs would have told NSA to go to hell, but maybe others might feel obligation to shareholders to accept dubious clauses for billion dollar deals with the US. Not reading the fine print might allow for innocence due to plausible deniability. These terms would be unavoidable unless made illegal in the first place by the kind of leaders that just don’t exist.

    1. It was an enraging question without relation, from an obtuse piece of flotsum.
      But it is no wonder that McCain would ask for this. After all, why take responsibility and manage your own device?

      I, personally, do not want certain apps to update automatically (Flex player is one of those).
      I would be interested to have more OPTIONS regarding that. Then complete the package with “Automatic update” and “Ignore udates for this app” at the very least.

      1. I, too, find it very annoying/irritating that Adobe changes my preferences to “auto-update” when doing an update and I must change them back. I will *never* give Adobe an auto-update pass on my machine.

      2. ” …obtuse piece of flotsum.”

        Great wording.

        The only beef I have is not with what he said, but how he said it. Compared to Levin, he was a gentleman by comparison.

        Agree on the Aoto-App updates. I want the option to turn it off in settings because I enjoy reading one by one what’s new in the update.

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