Apple unveils minimalist OS X banner at WWDC site Moscone West

“It’s been three days since Apple started decorating Moscone West with WWDC 2013 banners, and today the company has started publicly showing off new signage,” Federico Viticci reports for MacStories.

“In a press release published in April, Apple said developers attending WWDC would learn about the future of iOS and OS X,” Viticci reports.

“Apple has also just started assembling banners hinting at OS X, which, similar to the ‘7’ banner, simply say ‘X,'” Viticci reports. “The background of the banner seems to depict an ocean wave.”

WWDC 2013 OS X banner (photo: MacStories)
WWDC 2013 OS X banner (photo: MacStories)

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          1. … dump a valuable and perfectly usable ICON simply because some twerps are too stupid to understand version numbering?
            STINKY: after 10.9 comes 10.10, then 10.11 and then 10.12, and only ignorant gits do not understand what’s been explained many times already.

            1. I dont know why, you think I am a twerp or stupid?

              but please read this to yourself over and over…

              Take OSX 10.8.3 (and ask yourself what X referes to)
              Unix or Ten?

              We had OS 9 and after came OSX 10.0.1.

              Next, it is extremely rare that Apple ever goes double digits on the second subset.

              example: OS 9.15.3 — would never happen

              nor will 10.10.1 or 10.13.4 — ever happen

              after OSX 10.9.9 if ever occurs Apple will offer OSX 11

              so see, i do understand the numeration scheme

              but getting back to the thought of


              perhaps finally X is simply Unix
              as is iPad 4 is just iPad
              OS becomes obviously redundant to state
              hence iOS7 is just 7

              – now smoke that

            2. Really when has it been explained by Apple tat we will progress beyond .9 to .10 rather than move to 11 in whatever set of numerals one prefers. Seems to me that either move would be an option though moving to 11 or whatever would show a leap forward which is probably due as the two operating systems merge.

    1. OS X + iOS = X ?

      Apple makes it fun to speculate. What other company cares so much about the message embedded in its signage? Apple generates more attention from its annual WWDC banners than most companies generate with a multi-million dollar TV advertisement campaign.

    1. YES! “Sea Lion,” followed later by other cool sea creature names would be a great transition from the big cats.

      However, I would be MORE excited if that banner said “XI”…

  1. Love the big wave but wrong design… You could also see it as a “no wave” sign… As the x on the wave may just be interpreted as cross out.

  2. The imagery of the banner is quite apparent to me. Since I’m an artist (oil painting/photography), I saw the meaning immediately. The wave with the X superimposed on it means that OS X is bye-bye. Say hello to “OS 11.” You heard it here first. 😀

    1. Yeah that’s what I thought too. Which would also make the shark monikers apropos.

      That said, I’d still use OS X 10.9, one final cat, and I think Sabretooth is perfect as the final cat. But I don’t run Apple and they didn’t ask me, so who knows?

  3. “Where a whole new world is developing”

    -Could be a new OS XI (new breed of animal)
    -Apple TV app

    The wave could be
    -new wave of products and services that are worthy
    -a sign of a comeback

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