Apple getting ahead of legal system to contain import ban damage

“Samsung Electronics Co.’s first U.S. patent victory over Apple Inc. may prove fleeting if the iPhone maker rolls out new products before the government’s ban on older devices takes effect,” Susan Decker and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg.

“Apple has several avenues to string out, if not eliminate, damage from an import ban ordered by a U.S. trade panel yesterday on devices including the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G. It can appeal to President Barack Obama and an appeals court, and lobby Customs officials charged with enforcing import bans,” Decker and Satariano report.

Decker and Satariano report, “T-Mobile said yesterday it ‘doesn’t anticipate any impact of current and future supply of Apple devices.’ AT&T said it expects ‘minimal, if any, impact for customers wanting an iPhone 4 or iPad 2.’ The Cupertino, California-based Apple has indicated it won’t give up without a fight, even if only a few of the models it currently sells are blocked.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Getting ahead of the legal system shouldn’t be difficult: A sloth on propofol is faster.

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  1. Looking at the big picture (Congressional testimony, idiotic ITC ruling, eBooks anti-trust case) it’s pretty obvious that the fix is in. Apple is being leaned on so that somebody in the US government can extract some protection money, or offer a quid pro quo to those with bribe money to spend. Whether it’s congress or the present administration, or both is the only question.

      1. Baseless speculation. How can you so quickly shift from the viewpoint that the government and all public employees are stupid and incompetent to a massive conspiracy theory that has many disparate organizations within the U.S. government collaborating with great effectiveness to extract money from one corporation?

        It boggles the mind. The only merit that you have over most of these other idiots, botvinnik, is that you are a registered MDN person. That places you one step above the anonymous crowd.

    1. Or just coincidental government dept. bungling. I’m one of those who contends politicians are too stupid to mastermind any intricate conspiracy. Cover ups maybe but not conspiracy. You give them probably waaay too much credit. And bureaucrats aren’t known to use much common sense either.

      But as Dennis Miller says “that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”

      1. I don’t believe in several government coincidences occurring roughly at the same time. Always better to be suspicious about our government’s motives than blindly trusting.

      2. While I would agree that they are not smart enough to mastermind an intricate conspiracy I don’t think what is going on is that complicated. Apple spends less on lobbying than most others and hires fewer former politicians. So it’s a pretty simple plan give us more money or we will keep coming up with ways to screw you.

    2. Apple is being leaned on so that somebody in the US government can extract some protection money

      It’s that and more. Go to the SOURCE: Our Corporate Oligarchy, the brain dead clowns who puppet our government.

      1) Nail Apple to the cross by manipulating AAPL into the ground via every propaganda channel available. AKA herd the sheeple.

      2) Rape Apple, while on the cross, via their bought and sold US government TechTard ‘officials’ through every bogus method of INjustice available.

      The point of it all? To make Apple JUST as corrupt and insane as the rest of the brain dead clowns of our Corporate Oligarchy.

      IOW: Peer pressure. ‘Be just as sick and twisted as we are, dammit!’

      Sadly, it’s that simple. Apple is too good a company, too successful at being a good company, and they don’t like it. Please critique my theory. But I find it fits perfectly.

    3. the thing is… if the argument is made that Samsung can apply this patent to Apple… Why cant Apple apply their interface patent against Samsung (Google et al.).

      Why is the U.S. government supporting the actions of a foreign government (Samsung) backed corporation?

      1. I say that if the ITC ruling sticks, then Apple should sue Samsung for every FRAND patent it has.

        It would be only fair and there is precident. (Sp).

        1. Apple has likely already licensed all of the necessary FRAND patents to Samsung at fair and reasonable rates, as is proper and expected. I doubt that they have any good ones held back to use against Samsung. Besides, it is a losing tactic in the long term and would undermine their current (and long established) legal strategy. Do we really want Apple to stoop to that level?

          It would be like the U.S. deciding to torture prisoners despite our rule of law and stand on international human rights, or being able to unilaterally execute people across the world using drone strikes.

  2. I was wrong thinking there is justice, integrity in America. Thought, injustice, corruption, bribery, conspiracy, lobbyist are only existing in third world countries,

    1. You are not quite right about injustice, corruption, bribery, conspiracy ad nauseum existing only in third world countries. Fifth rate countries like the US benefit from those features as well.

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