Analyst expects low-cost Apple iPhone to come in colors

“It seems as if Apple’s low-end iPhone is a distinct possibility,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet. “If the phone does come to market, it’s likely to come in multiple colors, one analyst notes.”

“Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, who rates Apple a ‘buy’ with a $888 price target, says the so-called iPhone mini will come in as many as five colors and be released before Apple unveils the iPhone 5S,” Ciaccia reports. “Apple CEO Tim Cook left the door open for a low-end iPhone at last month’s D11 conference when he said Apple has only focused on making one phone so far, but that it didn’t rule it out making multiple phones in the future.”

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  1. It will come. It will have good margins. It will help the bottom line. It will more than make up for the sales it takes away from the iPhone5. Watch it take off in the third world. India and China will love it. Not many sales there now. Right? Check back in one year and see how many of them Apple can sell. Boatloads. Literally.

    1. It’s been a bad week for Apple in terms of press coverage. You have the DOJ case, the ITC ruling … I’m cringing looking at my portfolio, but it’s to be expected and I’m hoping for a turn-around once WWDC gets underway.

    2. Don’t get your shorts in a knot. You can’t live day-by-day with a stock’s price, or you’ll lose your mind. What’s driving the drop in Apple’s stock price today is simple Wall $treet paranoia (the $treet runs on a combination of greed, lust and paranoia – the truth is nowhere to be seen).

      Instead, focus on the long term. Step away from CNBC and CBS Marketwatch. And Bloomberg. Especially Bloomberg. A year from now, I have a hunch we won’t remember what drove Apple stock today. As long as the fundamentals of any company’s stock remain sound, and if what drives a company’s fundamentals has not changed in a bad way, don’t worry. Let the vermin on CNBC and the scorpions in the box that is Wall $treet consume themselves in their schemes and lies. If you are patient, you can outwait and outwit them.

      This too, shall pass.

  2. I’ll toss in my devalued US$0.02 on this.

    I’m envisioning that if Apple does bring something like this to market, it’ll be something like an iPhone Nano. It may have a reduced feature set and perhaps physically smaller than the iPhone 5, but the overall cost can be low enough to get low-end buyers into the Apple Halo, but not adversely affect Apple’s bottom line.

    This less expensive phone could be the “gateway drug” for another segment of potential Apple customers. It’ll all come down to the form factor, features and marketing. At which Apple is the best.

    There. I’m done 😊

    jmo, fwiw, ymmv, etc, yadda yadda…

    1. You state the obvious. Which has already been predicted by many. And they’re bringing it to market. After that, the larger iPhone. Both will have very good margins. Eventually you’ll have a choice when you want an iPhone. Just like an iPod or an iPad. The current form factor of the iPhone 5 will probably fall out of favor eventually. Except for people with small hands.

  3. When the so-called “experts” were telling Apple to release a Mac “netbook” (low-cost laptop), Apple’s answer was iPad.

    Apple’s answer to the call from those same experts to release a “low-cost phone.” Just watch, it’s the iWatch.

    It will be a phone, but obviously NOT an iPhone. I think it will run a new version of the OS used on the touchscreen iPod nano. Therefore, it will NOT cannibalize sales of iPhones.

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