Airbus unveils iPhone-enabled ‘Bag2Go’ smart suitcase with RFID tracking

“Airbus is best known for aircraft like its A380 superjumbo and the next-generation A350 jetliner, but the company has cooked up something else to delight the traveller: a prototype ‘smart’ bag complete with a companion iPhone app and ‘Find My Bag’ function to track lost luggage,” David Flynn reports for Australian Business Traveller

“Christened ‘Bag2Go’, the concept has been developed in partnership with mobile carrier T-Mobile and German luggage maker Rimowa,” Flynn reports. “An RFID chip inside the bag lets it work with the increasing number of automated airport and airline baggage-handling systems which can ‘pair’ smartchipped bagtags with your itinerary and frequent flyer number.”

Flynn reports, “Each Bag2Go also relies on the iPhone app to track the luggage using a ‘Find My Bag’ feature to locate bags that have gone MIA. Another piece of travel-friendly trickery: the Bag2Go contains a built-in digital scale that’s wirelessly linked to the iPhone app. Worried that you’re exceeding the checked luggage allowance? Hoist the bag by its handle and your iPhone will display its weight.”

Airbus Bag2Go iPhone-enabled smart suitcase
Airbus Bag2Go iPhone-enabled smart suitcase

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MacDailyNews Take: What’ll they think up next, Mabel?!

[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. It would be interesting to know how precisely it can locate your baggage. Obviously if you’re in Rome, it should be possible to see if your luggage went to Rio, but is it precise enough to alert you when it’s on the conveyor and about to appear in the baggage reclaim hall ?

    That would certainly be a great feature.

    1. “Find My iPhone” locates my iPhone in the correct portion of a room within my house, so yes, it would probably locate your bag within a few yards in the airport.

      The weight feature might be interesting if used to see if your claimed baggage weighed the same after going through baggage inspection and handling. Could be a deterrent to airport thieves.

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